Mia motivated to join the ECEC sector by seeing her son face trials
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Mia motivated to join the ECEC sector by seeing her son face challenges

by Freya Lucas

December 18, 2023

For Mia, being the mother of a young son who was facing challenges in adapting to new people and situations and communicating effectively was difficult. 


She needed to entrust her son to the care of others to allow her to work, but felt fearful in light of the difficulties he faced. 


When she saw how experienced and compassionate educators were able to work with him to help him feel understood and supported, she was motivated to provide the same warmth and security for other parents. 


In June 2023, she started a Certificate III Traineeship at Goodstart Early Learning Burton, in South Australia, and completed her course work in just six months, something she attributes to the ‘unwavering support’ of her team, particularly centre director Tamicka.  


Tamicka is passionate about early learning and committed to nurturing strong-minded Educators. This left a lasting impression, Mia said. 


“We often sat down together to discuss real-life scenarios and experiences that helped shape my mindset as an Educator.”  


Inspired by her Certificate III success, Mia intends to complete her Diploma, with a long term dream to become an early childhood teacher (ECT). 


She wants to have a significant impact on the education children receive, and believes it is important to acknowledge the uniqueness of each child. She creates environments that cater to individual needs, respecting different routines and practices. In turn, this fosters growth and learning. 


Mia is also on a mission to offer parents the assurance that their children are in a safe and comfortable space. Her goal is to support children’s development on an individualised level.  


For those considering a career in ECEC, Mia offers the following advice. 


“If you have a passion for making a positive impact on children’s lives, I wholeheartedly encourage you to pursue a traineeship in childcare (sic.)” 


“This career is incredibly inspiring. It allows you to shape young minds and facilitate their development into successful individuals.”  

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