Christie uses her 25 years of ECEC experience to mentor others
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Christie uses her 25 years of ECEC experience to mentor others

by Freya Lucas

November 21, 2023

Christie is a Trainer and Assessor at Foundation Education, a role which allows her to use her extensive knowledge and experience of early childhood education and care (ECEC) to share her knowledge and expertise with future ECEC professionals. 


During her career, which included roles as an early childhood educator, a kindergarten assistant and a family day care educational leader, Christie always loved building relationships with children and parents, as well as supporting children with unique needs.  


Her favourite part, though, was those first moments in the morning when the doors to the centre would open. 


“That feeling of having children run to you when they arrive and knowing you can be a safe haven for children and guide them through their first five years of life. That’s the best part.”


After ten years of supporting, educating and caring for children, she found her way into leadership, and then into roles which allowed her to motivate, mentor and support others who were passionate about working in the sector.  


“Sharing my knowledge and passion with Educators and advocating for the profession have been a driving force,” she said. “So many students complete their qualification without real support and guidance and that can be a concern.”


Christie’s years of practical experience are a vital part of how she supports her students, as she can help to bring context to whatever they’re learning in the classroom.  


“We can’t just rely on theory all the time,” she said. “At Foundation Education, we can share our real experience and real-world examples, which helps our students immensely.”


What makes Foundation Education so unique, she said, “is the sense of innovation, while keeping in line with current practices and learning styles.”


For anyone thinking about pursuing a career in Early Childhood, Christie advises that the desire to work with children and their learning is only a small part of the picture.


“This is the career to pursue if you would like to become an Early Childhood professional that is an advocate for the early years,” she said. 


“You will be supporting children to become incredible humans.”


Learn more about Foundation Education here

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