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Empowering Parents and Driving Occupancy: Kidsoft’s First-of-its-Kind Booking Platform

by Jason Roberts

November 20, 2023
Kidsoft booking platform

In the dynamic early childhood education and care (ECEC) landscape, where innovation must meet the needs of both services and families, Kidsoft has emerged as a trailblazer with its latest offering – a first-of-its-kind Booking Platform designed to redefine the way families engage with services.


Launched in early September, Kidsoft pivoted and prioritised this feature to meet the needs of their corporate customers. 


The revolutionary new Booking Platform, accessible through the Parent Portal, marks a significant shift in how families interact with their ECEC services, providing unprecedented flexibility and control in their ability to select bookings which best suit their family’s circumstances and needs.


The Kidsoft Booking Platform, a cornerstone of the broader software ecosystem, serves as the primary interface connecting families and their Services for both casual and permanent bookings.


“This first-to-market Booking Platform empowers Service Providers to optimise occupancy through personalised pricing strategies and adaptable booking options, showcasing our commitment to pioneering innovation within the ECEC sector,” Cassie Hughes, Product Manager at Kidsoft said. 


“Working closely with our customers, we have designed a unique feature that provides services with the flexibility to build bespoke booking types and set booking conditions.”


“For instance, services can now offer families reduced fees for permanent bookings made well in advance, or alternatively offer a cancellation notice period for those who may need to make last minute changes.”


“This ensures parents have full control of what they are booking and paying.”


Feedback from both services and families on the new booking enhancements has been overwhelmingly positive. 


“Our team at Junior Adventures Group have been working very closely with Kidsoft recently to deliver an enhanced booking and enrolment experience for families using our services,” said Sam Wallace, Group General Manager Product & Partnership at Junior Adventures Group.


“The final product, which launched recently, is being very well received by parents and schools and delivers an intuitive and easy-to-use system for our Service Delivery and Customer Experience Teams.”  


The new booking functionality’s back-end allows for services to drive their occupancy by analysing future bookings for where they have opportunities, and to adjust their pricing model accordingly.


Kidsoft is committed to providing ECEC Service Providers with tools that impact their bottom-line and drive real change and success within their business. These new features are reflective of their dedication to ongoing innovation, addressing the sector’s evolving needs and consistently surpassing their expectations.

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