Curriculum champions from Guardian shine at recent ECA conference
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Curriculum champions from Guardian shine at recent ECA conference

by Freya Lucas

November 09, 2023

Educational Leader Ashleigh and Curriculum Mentor Simone from Guardian Childcare and Education recently spoke at the Early Childhood Australia (ECA) conference, presenting their work ‘Spaces for play: inspiring environments that develop rich language and landscapes’.


The presentation discussed light as an ever present resource which can transform the landscape, mood, and the look and feel of play spaces, and the way that the pair, and others in the Guardian network, use the Guardian Curriculum to experiment with, plan for and welcome light into their learning environments.


Through their observation and research, they noticed that children began to develop a rich and unique language of light. They noted that working as researchers with babies and toddlers is particularly interesting as emerging language is not always communicated verbally.


Research between educators and children is recognised and valued in the Guardian curriculum as being foundational in the work done with children, and as something which “demonstrates the amazing capabilities of children”.


The presentation was described as being “highly engaging, informative and a real source of inspiration,” for those working in the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector. 


Feedback from members of the audience was incredibly positive, with many remarking how thought-provoking and enlightening their piece was.


The ECA National Conference provides a platform for professional conversation and discourse about the wellbeing, rights and early education of young children. Each year, the conference is attended by over 2,000 national and international participants, alongside a live stream of presentations.


Those in attendance each year include teachers, educators, centre leaders from early childhood education centres and schools, along with academics, researchers, policy-makers and those involved in training and professional development.


The reach of this conference is enormous across the ECEC sector, and it is a highlight in the early education calendar.


View the ‘Landscapes and Language of light’ presentation flyer or learn more about Guardian here. 

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