109-place service approved opposite Terranora Public School
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109-place service approved opposite Terranora Public School

by Freya Lucas

November 09, 2023

A 109-place early childhood education and care (ECEC) service will be built opposite Terranora Public School, Terranora a town on the border of New South Wales and Queensland.


Tweed Shire Council approved the plans for the $4,217,448 centre, which will be located at 647 Terranora Road, Terranora, and will be owned by GGBSC Properties One Pty Ltd.


19 staff will be employed to educate and care for the children from 6am to 7pm Monday Friday, excluding public holidays. 


The centre will include six classrooms spread across two buildings, as well as two sleep rooms, a kitchen, and a 180-square-metre play space.


When the application was last discussed at a planning meeting in early September, the Council deferred the application so that the developer could meet with the school and agree on a traffic management plan. 


CTP Consult then wrote to the Council, on behalf of the developer, saying that the findings of its own traffic impact assessment remained valid and that “the proposed development is not expected to compromise the safety of function of the surrounding road network”.


Speaking on behalf of the school, the P&C expressed concerns and requested changes, and as a result of these requests, councillors voted to adopt a series of amended conditions, including that a number of No Stopping areas, and No Right Turn signs be introduced at and around the site.


To read local coverage of this story, please see here, or visit the Council’s website for more information. 

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