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Speech Pathology Australia’s ‘Speechie Library Talks’ campaign begins this month

by Freya Lucas

November 02, 2023

Australian speech pathologists will once again share their unique and specialist skills in helping children’s language and literacy development as part of Speech Pathology Australia’s Speechie Library Talks campaign which runs throughout November. 


Across the course of the month more than 140 free Speechie Library Talks will be held in public libraries across the country, aiming to draw attention to the needs of children who are developmentally delayed in language skills, placing them at an academic disadvantage even before they start school. 


Strong oral language skills (including speaking and listening skills) underpin the ability to read, and speech pathologists understand the importance of literacy – the clear link that exists between language, speech and reading. 


The Speechie Library Talks present early childhood education and care (ECEC) professionals as well as parents and carers with a unique opportunity to learn more about how they can help develop children’s language and literacy and help to set them up for success. 


The Speechie Library Talks are a series of one-hour, informative sessions. Topics covered in the speech pathologist’s presentation include: 


  • Choosing the best books for children 
  • Ways parents and carers can help to build language and literacy 
  • Encouraging interactions 
  • How to support multi-lingual children through book reading 
  • What to do if a child is having difficulties with reading. 


The presentations also include an informative book reading of one of the Association’s Book of the Year winning books. 


For more information and to find a session near you, please visit the Speech Pathology Australia website or contact your local library. 

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