“Breathtakingly beautiful environments” - A key focus for Sentia Early Learning
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“Breathtakingly beautiful environments” – A key focus for Sentia Early Learning

by Freya Lucas

October 16, 2023
Sentia early learning centre

Sentia, a single, privately owned early childhood education and care (ECEC) service in the heart of Melbourne has many beliefs and perspectives about how children learn, and about the environments which support them to thrive. 


One of the core aspects is the perspective that children deserve nothing less than “breathtakingly beautiful environments.”


“Families focus time and money on creating and maintaining beautiful homes,” a Sentia spokesperson said. 


“We want children to enjoy a harmonious experience and make no apology for curating a world of beauty for them.”


Making a case for beauty, Sentia continued, is not a new one. Nietzsche has suggested that part of what it is to experience something as beautiful is to experience it as beneficial in the highest degree. Classical Philosophy treated and conceived beauty alongside truth, goodness, love, being, and the divine. Beauty is timeless, opening the portal to belonging, being and becoming.


Sentia have provided a number of tips about how beauty can be cultivated for other services who are interested in cultivating an aesthetically pleasing space for the children in their care.


Absence of Clutter – some suggest that a cluttered environment contributes to a cluttered mind. Children seem to find it easier to focus on a task and pack away by themselves when the number of resources in a space is not overwhelming. By starting with a clean, blank canvas, there is room for a masterpiece.


Natural light – A space inundated with natural light creates connections between outdoors and indoors, and sunlight builds health and immunity.


Well-researched colours – Colours can affect moods.  By setting a calm, neutral stage for learning, children enter from a baseline of peaceful serenity. Sentia strategically avoids overstimulating primary colours in its decor. This encourages children to bring the colour of their personalities, creativity and friendships to the environment.


Plants – A lush, green environment enhances well-being and nature connection. Plants store carbon dioxide in their fibres, helping to clean the air and reduce the negative effects that CO2 can have on the environment.


Quality furnishings – Sentia carefully considers everything brought into the environment with sustainability, durability and functionality in mind. Resources are ethically sourced and maintained with care.


Homelike touches – “An early learning centre should not be a factory assembly line for children; it should be a home-like environment where they feel relaxed and happy,” a spokesperson said. 


“Who doesn’t want to curl up on the couch, snuggle under a throw, prop up some cushions and read a good book by the light of a lamp?” 


Having a home like environment sets the stage to nurture positive dispositions for learning.


Learn more about Sentia here. This piece has been adapted from a piece which first appeared on Sentia’s website and has been reshared with permission. Access the original here

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