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ECEC Provider in Focus: Byron Bay Preschool

by Freya Lucas

October 13, 2023

Byron Bay Preschool comprises two high-quality non-profit, community-based early childhood education centres in Byron Bay. Both Byron Bay Preschool Coogera and Cavanbah have independently received the ‘Exceeding Rating’ across every National Quality Standard.


The service has provided education and care to Byron Bay’s children since 1976.


What is the history of Byron Bay Preschool? 


Byron Bay Preschool has been providing preschool education to its local community since 1976. It was the first preschool in the region, and today proudly combines its long history with a contemporary high-quality approach to exceptional early childhood education. 


What is the Byron Bay Preschool vision and approach to early learning? 


The preschool believes that every child has the right to be included and feel a sense of connection and belonging. The emotional well-being of every child is of critical importance to the preschool. 


“When we feel safe we can learn,” the provider notes. 


“Our preschool has a strong focus on nature, and supporting children’s connection to the environment. We believe if we foster a love of nature and connect to our land, children will develop an internal drive to care for our planet.”


The educational team behind the preschool promotes children’s right to participate, speak up, and influence the world around them, knowing that if children see themselves as powerful change-makers now, they will have the skills and confidence to speak up and drive change as adults. 


Are there any unique aspects to the Byron Bay Preschool offer?


Bridget Isichei is the Director of Byron Bay Preschool, Coogera, and Cavanbah centres. She holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration and Leadership, a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood), and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. 


Ms Isichei has 14 years of experience in a director/ area manager role and over 25 years of experience in the early childhood education and care sector, and is currently President of the Northern Rivers Preschool Alliance, an organisation that supports 50 local preschools in Northern NSW.

To learn more about Byron Bay Preschool, please see here.

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