Applications for 2024 Apiary Fellowship now open
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Applications for 2024 Apiary Fellowship now open

by Freya Lucas

October 13, 2023

The Front Project has opened applications to join the Apiary Fellowship in 2024 for skilled professionals who are eager to transform early learning. 


The Fellowship is a one-of-a-kind national collective where Fellows champion big picture thinking, systems leadership, and bold ideas to transform early learning.


Participating in the Apiary Fellowship opens up the opportunity to learn from a range of unique perspectives from people across the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector.


“Joining the Apiary allows you to engage in a level of thinking around the profession that will impact every aspect of your practice and leadership,” said Alistair Gibbs, an Apiary Fellow and Early Learning Manager for Gowrie Victoria.


Through the Fellowship, participants:


  • Attend three in-person convenings and several online workshops in which they become equipped with the skills and tools to take bold, radical leaps forward in transforming early learning.


  • Participate in lively Action Learning Groups which elevate children’s voices, improve quality of early learning, and shape reform narratives.


  • Develop a shared vision for changing the early learning system.


  • Dive into the unknown and unfamiliar, celebrate wins and collaborations, and make exciting new discoveries leading to collective action and generating impact.


Apiary Fellow Angela Ngavaine described the program as “a great opportunity to expand your thinking about the early learning sector and also to learn strategies and tools that wouldn’t traditionally be learnt or developed in our ECEC roles.”


The Apiary is made up of people with diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and lived experiences in ECEC, all of whom collaborate and drive a holistic vision of supporting every child across Australia to unlock their full potential and have their voices count.


“We welcome fresh, diverse perspectives to accelerate actions to improve children’s education in this lifetime and the next, pivotal to a prosperous economy,” said Jane Hunt, the Front Project CEO.


Learn more about the Apiary by watching this video.


Register for the Apiary Fellowship here

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