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ECEC Provider in Focus: KIDS Individual Day Care Solutions

by Freya Lucas

October 06, 2023

KIDS Individual Day Care Solutions (also known as Kids Family Day Care) is a family day care (FDC) provider that was founded in 2015 and has over 10 services in its auspices. It was last assessed and rated in 2021 and was rated as Meeting the National Quality Standard.


What is the Kids Family Day Care vision and approach to learning? 


Educators are chosen to work with KIDS for their knowledge and the confidence they have to provide responsive, challenging, exciting and caring programs for the children in their care. 


“Our vision is to prepare respectful, responsible, caring, skilled, and literate lifelong learners through a stimulating, integrated curriculum that nurtures individual strengths, and talents in a safe environment. The environmental set up includes many diverse cultures, languages, and themes as well as the ‘100 languages’ of Reggio Emilia expression. (art, craft, language, text, film),” information on the website notes. 


The provider believes that all children need a safe, secure and stimulating environment to become confident learners and develop to their full potential, and that children learn through having well-rounded opportunities in all areas and by being ‘hands on’ participants in their learning.


The KIDS philosophy of education is influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach to child-centred learning, connections with the community and strong family collaboration. Learning experiences are based on the children’s interests, developmental level and educator knowledge to encourage the children to discover, experiment, explore and investigate. 


The FDC environment offers children access to opportunities to prepare food, help others, go on walks, explore the local community, engage with others within the community and within the family day care group, and enjoy arts and crafts as well as structured experiences throughout the day.


Are there any unique aspects to the Kids Family Day Care offer? 


KIDS is led by an early childhood teacher (ECT) who has over 30 years of experience in the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector. 


What is Kids Family Day Care approach to educators and their professional development?


Educators are supported by Kids FDC via an administrative team which completes many of the day-to-day documentation tasks of educators, which allows them to spend more time with children and their own families. 


The administrative team also assists educators with all aspects of FDC and the required documentation such as routine outings, educator assistant approvals and enrolment, some advertising, in-home displays, interviews and liaising with families on a regular basis, as well as providing necessary software training to help educators engage with KIDS’ own resources.

An all-inclusive step-by-step guide on all aspects of operating a successful FDC business with KIDS is provided to educators, which gives educators policies, business set-up information, fee information, and programming templates which are made available via the educator login.


All educators at KIDS are provided with ongoing support in regards to programming, which specifically caters to the Early Years Framework. Templates, professional development courses and other helpful resources are also provided. 


Meetings to discuss planning are encouraged at all times and can be conducted via phone, Facetime, email, or can be done in person. Monthly educator and coordinator team meetings are provided. Educators are welcome to request further support or more visits and from time-to-time coordinators will visit more frequently when they feel educators need more support. 


Once a year, KIDS will provide a FREE professional development course at a suitable venue for all KIDS educators to attend. This program will focus on program planning and other areas of concern for educators.


To learn more about KIDS Individual Day Care Solutions, please visit the website

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