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ECEC Provider in Focus: First Steps Early Learning Journey

by Freya Lucas

September 22, 2023

First Steps Early Learning Journey (ELJ) is a family owned service which educates and cares for 120 children in Templestowe, Victoria. The service has not yet been rated under the National Quality Standard. 


What is the history of First Steps Early Learning Journey in Australia?


The service was granted approval in early March 2023. 


What is First Steps Early Learning Journey’s vision and approach to early learning?


Believing that children are incredibly creative and imaginative, the service provides children with real tools and resources in a natural environment to allow their creativity and imagination to flourish. 


“We believe that when children are provided with an environment that is calm, quiet and unhurried, children will feel calm, and natural learning will occur,” information on the website notes. 


Children at the service are offered an indoor and outdoor program and children are able to move freely between spaces, connecting with nature by watering the garden, collecting sticks and bark, and tending to vegetables. 


Daily rituals are an integral part of the First Steps ELJ experience with the service saying “our daily rituals support strong relationships between children and educators, and set the tone and rhythm for the day, providing a calming and relaxing learning environment that guides children through experiences and transitions. 


Are there any unique aspects to the First Steps Early Learning Journey offer?


Children are encouraged to walk barefoot to feel grounded and connected to the earth. The service uses water in many experiences to provide a sense of calm for the children. 


The service offers a number of other programs including yoga and mindfulness, access to intergenerational care experiences, a garden to plate food program and ELLA language learning. 


To learn more about First Steps Early Learning Journey please see here


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