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FDC careers offer perfect balance between work and caring for children

by Freya Lucas

September 07, 2023

Working in family day care (FDC) can offer the perfect balance between work and caring for children, provider Communities at Work has shared in a piece with Her Canberra. 


The flexible working hours, the opportunity to have autonomy and control over programming, and a range of professional development opportunities help those working in FDC to be happy and successful in their early childhood education and care (ECEC) careers.


Educator Maria has been working in FDC for 30 years, and still loves working in the sector. 


“FDC is so rewarding because you meet other families, take care of their children and build a solid foundation for those children to succeed in life. I know what it’s like as a mother to look for someone that you can trust with your children,” she said. 


Maria was inspired to start her career in FDC because of her own struggles in finding suitable care for her children, and the flexibility and fun which come with the role.  


“When I had my second child I said, ‘I think I can do this. I think this job is for me’. At the same time, I can be with my children and earn extra income.’ It worked really well for me,” she said.  


The chance to build strong relationships with her own children, as well as forming relationships with the children and families she cares for is something she’s very proud of. 


Educators care for a maximum of seven children at a time no more than four under-school-aged children and no more than three school-aged children.


During a typical day educators will participate in a number of activities with children like cooking, visiting playgroups, going to the park, helping in the garden, feeding the ducks or engaging with water play. 


Communities at Work FDC Educational Leader Chamalee Prathiraja said the work-life balance is one of the main benefits of working as a FDC educator, leaving professionals with “extra time and energy for them to do the things that they love apart from work”. 


“It’s very much a nurturing environment, with so many opportunities for them.”


Educators are well supported, with professional development opportunities, and support which is tailored to individual needs. 


“We create a personal development calendar, which provides the opportunity to extend the educator’s professional knowledge,” Ms Prathiraja said.  


“We also regularly visit educators at their homes and keep in touch by phone or email. They know we’ve got their back. They’re never alone.” 


Find out more about becoming a FDC educator by visiting the Communities at Work website or email [email protected] 


The original coverage of this story is available here

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