Early Childhood Educators' Day celebrated
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Services across the country join in the celebrations on Early Childhood Educators’ Day

by Freya Lucas

September 06, 2023

Early Childhood Educators’ Day has been a fixture of the early childhood education and care (ECEC) calendar since its creation in 2011, and this year, with significant investments in early learning from governments at state and federal levels, there is a need to recognise and celebrate those who work in early childhood more than ever. 


Each year on the first Wednesday of September, services take time out of a crowded calendar of celebrations and special events to highlight the work done by teams in ECEC settings across the country to champion children’s rights, education and care. 


The day offers a platform for approved providers and families to say “thank you” to teachers, educators and centre leaders, and celebrates and acknowledges all of Australia’s educators in early learning services such as long day care, family day care, kindergarten, preschools and occasional care.


Australian educators and early childhood learning services play a vital role in the care, education, growth and development of children, under the guidance of the Early Years Learning Framework.  Paul Mondo, President of the Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA), said the sector is aligned in its goals for better pay for ECEC workers and accessible, high-quality early childhood education for all.


“Our early learning service providers rely on their dedicated educators to provide the best start in life for children,” he said. 


“Providers and families at each service are encouraged to say thank you to early childhood educators on or during the week of Early Childhood Educators’ Day, whether through a formal celebration or simple gestures like a card or small hand-made gift.”


Early childhood educators support children to develop a sense of belonging, guide children’s social and emotional learning, support families and assist them in their vital role as their child’s first teacher, lay the foundation for a lifelong learning journey, encourage inclusivity and independence, enhance children’s creativity and compassion, and ensure children feel connected to their wider community. 


A number of services will acknowledge their educators today with gifts and celebrations, often with the support of their parent community also. 


Morning or afternoon tea celebrations are commonly featured, along with certificates, specially printed tee shirts, personalised cards and notes, message walls for appreciation and small gifts such as coffee vouchers, chocolates or water bottles.


The ACA has also coordinated a collection of messages of support for Early Childhood Educators’ Day, which can be accessed here, including a message from The Sector’s own Jason Roberts, Founder and CEO.


For Kristie Torrisi, Centre Director at Petit ELJ Marian, the day provides an opportunity for families, employers, and the wider community to recognise and show appreciation for the inspiring work educators do every day.


“Each educator is unique, but they share a few special qualities: patience, fairness, empathy, flexibility, and the ability to make children feel safe and secure. They also have their passion and commitment to supporting children’s development and laying the foundations for the love of learning in common. That is not just inspiring; it is life-changing, and we should celebrate it.”


There are more than 3,200 early learning services signed up to celebrate their educators today, which equates to around a third of early childhood education and care services across the country.


“We love seeing early learning services celebrating a national community event that shows their appreciation for their workforce,” Mr Mondo said.


“The aim of the day is to offer the simple gesture of saying thank you to early childhood educators and acknowledging our appreciation for their commitment and enthusiasm.”


The team at The Sector would like to wish all educators a very happy Early Childhood Educators Day. Thank you for the work you do for children and families, for your dedication, compassion, kindness and support. Without you, Australia stops. 

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