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Guardian Childcare & Education employees celebrated through G Star program

by Freya Lucas

August 23, 2023

Guardian Childcare & Education recently launched its reimagined G Star rewards and recognition program which aims to ensure that each member of the Guardian team feels valued and appreciated. 


G Star is now an interactive app-based platform that all Guardian team members can access from their phone or computer. 


“It gives each person the chance to appreciate and celebrate great moments – and great people – in their centres every day,” information from the provider read. 


“We’ve made it our one-stop destination for acknowledging team members when they are positive, brave, thoughtful or professional in their attitudes and efforts.”


The relaunch represents “a cultural shift in our teams and right across our Guardian network. We want to build a strong culture of everyday reward and recognition.”


“We know that when team members feel appreciated, it has a major impact on their work and their relationships with each other, the children in their care, and their families. When we create strong, positive team cultures, we create amazing Centres, which leads to happy team members, happy children and happy families.”


Team members from across the network “enthusiastically participated” in the official launch of G Star with celebrations held across the entire network.


Feedback from Guardian Childcare & Education employees has been positive, and has come from team members at all levels from trainees through to centre managers. 


Learn more about Guardian Childcare & Education here

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