South Australian families to be supported through new mobile app
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South Australian families to be supported through new mobile app

by Freya Lucas

July 31, 2023

Families in South Australia will be supported through a new mobile app developed by the State Government which is targeted to the first five years of life. 


The Early Years SA app has information for parents and carers about their children’s health, learning, development and wellbeing, and will provide automated age-specific notifications, tips and access to local services.


“The first five years of a child’s life are so important for their brain development and the Early Years SA app will help parents and carers navigate this by providing essential guidance when they need it most,” said South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas. 


In support of the value of the learning which happens in the early years, the app will also provide parents and carers with the tools and information they need during the first five years of life. 


This, the Premier said, is when their social and emotional, physical, language and cognitive development is at its most rapid.


The Early Years SA app will:

*Provide automated, age-specific notifications for families to remind them about child health and development checks, immunisations, dental checks and preschool and school enrolment.


*Provide easier access to information about resources and services available to South Australian families (such as Child and Family Health Services, Parenting SA resources, learning and play activities, family wellbeing and mental health services).

*Give parents and families practical tips and strategies to engage with children, including information on sleep, nutrition and family life and care.


The Department for Education partnered with a range of agencies to create the app, including CaFHS, Parenting SA, Wellbeing SA, DHS and SA Dental.

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