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Goodstart confirms 7% educator wage increase effective 1 July 2023

by Jason Roberts

June 13, 2023

Goodstart Early Learning, Australia’s largest not for profit provider of early learning and care, has confirmed that it will increase wages for most educators by seven per cent, effective 1 July 2023.


The move comes ahead of planned increases to the Modern Award agreed after the Fair Work Commission’s 2023 annual wage review which will see Modern Awards rise by 5.75 per cent.


The wage rise is the largest in Goodstart’s history, a measure which Goodstart Chief Executive Dr Ros Baxter said was made in recognition of the crucial role that Goodstart’s educators play in providing the high quality early learning that makes “such a huge difference” to children’s learning outcomes.


“Goodstart educators will now be paid at least 5.3 per cent more than award rates in a sector where most educators are paid only award rates,” Ms Baxter said.


“The wage rise we are announcing today is one step toward securing proper recognition of the value of the work of early childhood education. We would have liked to be able to do more, and fully close the wage gap between what educators are paid in early childhood education and what they are paid in schools.” 


Most Goodstart educators will receive a seven per cent rise. The starting salary for a graduate teacher at Goodstart will rise by 5.75 per cent to $80,000, more than new teachers are paid in most government schools across Australia.


Goodstart also highlighted the extent of the national shortage of teachers and educators currently being experienced and the efforts they are making to be an employer of choice, also noting that as an organisation they are ‘very conscious’ of the need to balance support for their hardworking staff with affordability for families.


“We are encouraged by the messages from the Federal Government about the importance of improving wages for early childhood education and care workers,” Ms Baxter said. “We look forward to continuing to work with the Government on options to provide further support to our team members.” 

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