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What does it take to be great? Qualities that make educators stand out

by Freya Lucas

June 07, 2023

While qualifications are one aspect of being ready to work in the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector, there are some personal qualities and skills which can make a big difference in being a great educator, colleague and leader. 


Recently the Queensland Government released a video of children sharing their thoughts on the qualities of great educators. In the piece below, five of the top tips to becoming a great educator are shared. 


Be a good communicator


Teachers and educators need to be able to communicate with children in a way that is age-appropriate.


It is also important to develop skills in communicating with families about their children’s skills, abilities and achievements to provide the best learning experiences for their child.


Be creative and energetic


“The key to being a quality educator is being able to think outside the box to develop and deliver great learning outcomes for all children in your care,” the Department of Education shared. 


“This is important as you will need to develop skills to engage children and families in a number of ways. An energetic and creative teacher or educator will help children stay positive about learning every day. Learning should always be fun and laughter can often help children learn.”


Be passionate, authentic and love learning


Successful ECEC professionals need to have a love of teaching, but also a love of learning. Children will respond well to someone who is passionate about teaching and helping them learn. Strong dedication and devotion to the ECEC sector work will lead to great learning outcomes for children.


Be organised


ECEC professionals need to be able to plan well and stay organised. Children want routines and seek interactions that promote a positive learning environment.


Respect children and families


It is important to respect that every child and their family is unique.


Being aware of, and working with, the different strengths of each child can make educators and teachers more effective because they are able to support each child to learn in their own way.


The Queensland Department of Education has prepared information about early childhood careers, where you can work and career paths and qualifications

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