Looking for a professional learning event to pique curiosity?
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Looking for a professional learning event to pique curiosity? The 2023 REAIE Conference, Landscapes of Curiosity and Creativity is for you!

by Freya Lucas

May 16, 2023

Making space for curiosity, especially in times of challenge, is something which the Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange (REAIE) is attentive to, and it’s this disposition, along with a commitment to creativity which has informed the design of the 2023 Conference focus Landscapes of Curiosity and Creativity: In Dialogue with the 100 Languages


The REAIE conference team have been busily preparing a stimulating program of events that acknowledge curiosity and creativity’s central role in children’s education. 


“If there is one thing that we have learned in the past few years, it is that creativity and curiosity are children’s unwavering travelling companions.” 


“There is no doubt that the experience of a global pandemic brought children, families and educators across the world many moments of complexity and uncertainty. Across Australia and around the globe, educators have drawn deeply on their own creative capacities in order to engage with children’s curiosities in new and exciting ways.” 


“Standing now at a threshold to the future, we are strengthened by these new perspectives and ready to consider our practices and systems for children through fresh eyes.” (REAIE)


Up to 800 delegates will gather together on the traditional lands of  the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung and Bunurong Boon Wurrung peoples of the Eastern Kulin, at the Melbourne Convention Centre, to hear from Pedagogista Tiziana Filippini and Atelierista Filippo Chieli who will share from their long experience of working directly in the Municipal schools and infant-toddler centres of Reggio Emilia. Representatives of the Australian research community will also share research which makes reference to the educational project of Reggio Emilia with the delegation of teachers and educators across a wide range of early education and school settings, academics, education related professions and community members. 


Keynote speakers from Reggio Emilia 


Filippo Chieli, a musician Atelierista, has worked at Ernesto Balducci Municipal preschool, Istituzione of Preschools and Infant-toddler Centres of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, since 2009.


He has collaborated with preschools in the Province of Reggio Emilia for more than ten years and now works as a consultant with Reggio Children where he collaborates on professional learning journeys, and participates as a speaker in seminars and conferences, in particular on projects in the area of music and sound, in Italy and abroad.


Tiziana Flippini is a Pedagogista and collaborator with Reggio Children®, Italy. She has a degree in psychology from Padova University and worked as Pedagogista from 1978 to 2015 as a member of the Pedagogical Coordinating Team of the Istituzione – Preschools and Infant Toddler Centres of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia. During this time, Tiziana worked at the Diana Preschool, in Reggio Emilia, which came to the world’s attention when it was featured by Newsweek in 1991 as one of the 10 best schools in the world.


Pre Conference activities


A number of Pre-Conference initiatives will take place on Thursday, 29 June, complementing the extensive range of break out sessions and panel discussion. 


Pre-Conference Atelier Experiences invite participation in a range of inspiring interactive Atelier, or studio style experiences. Delegates will have the opportunity to register for these additional Conference experiences which include Ateliers of sound, paper and clay.


Pre-Conference Educational Encounters offer opportunities to experience a wide range of early years and early childhood educational settings. Encounters include a tour of the setting, and dialogue with educators who will share their work as they make reference to the educational project of Reggio Emilia in their own (Australian) context. Pre-Conference educational encounters have such potential in supporting educators to deepen their understanding of the interdependence between theory and practice in their day to day work with children and families.


Information and registration


For more information about the REAIE Landscapes of Curiosity and Creativity: In Dialogue with the 100 Languages, or to purchase tickets for the event, follow the links provided. 


REAIE is a not-for-profit, member based organisation striving to reimagine children’s education for a just society . REAIE is a proud member of the Reggio Children International Network (Italy). As the Australian reference point for Reggio Children in Australia, REAIE advocates for the defence and promotion of children’s rights through a broad  range of professional learning initiatives and the exchange of information and research between Australian educators in the city of Reggio Emilia. Learn more about REAIE here

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