SA forms Child Protection Expert Group to help drive lasting change in the state
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SA forms Child Protection Expert Group to help drive lasting change in the state

by Freya Lucas

May 09, 2023

A panel of five experts from a variety of academic and vocational backgrounds have been brought together to support Professor Leah Bromfield and the South Australian Government to develop and drive a long-term vision to transform the state’s child protection system, and to work towards improved outcomes for SA’s children and young people.


The South Australian Child Protection Expert Group will comprise government and non-government members from across Australia who have recognised expertise in child protection research, policy and practice. The establishment of the group fulfills the first recommendation of Kate Alexander’s independent review of the state’s child protection system.


“We are steadfastly determined to drive reform that helps to make a lasting, positive difference in the lives of children and young people,” the SA Minister for Child Protection said. 


“This group, chaired by a national leader in this field, Professor Leah Bromfield, will bring together independent, professional expertise supported by robust data and evidence to challenge orthodoxy and examine new ideas to contend with the increasingly complex challenges facing our State’s child protection system.”

The group members are as follows: 



“I feel privileged to be working with the other members of the expert advisory group,” Professor Bromfield said. 


“Combined they bring wide ranging and deep expertise from within and outside of South Australia in policy, practice and research across the fields of child abuse prevention, child protection and out of home care, and importantly in implementing change.”


The expert group has been tasked with:


  • Improving child protection response models and quality of practice
  • Developing and implementing a 20-year vision for transforming child protection
  • Enhancing therapeutic responses and targeted interventions
  • Improving out of home care support for young people
  • Convening a child protection summit.

A number of senior SA Government leaders will also provide their input to the expert group which will meet between four and six times a year.

Professor Bromfield said she has been “overwhelmed” by the positive response to the announcement of the expert advisory group and its scope to develop a vision for transforming, rather than just reforming child protection. 


“The offers of support and assistance have been tremendous,” she said. 


“As Chair, I am committed to ensuring the expert advisory group draws on the broader expertise of the sector.”

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