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Provider in Focus – Coastal Family Day Care Scheme

by Freya Lucas

March 24, 2023
Coastal Family Day Care

Coastal Family Day Care Scheme is an approved family day care provider who has been providing education and care on the North West Coast of Tasmania and surrounding areas since 1986. 


What is the history of Coastal Family Day Care Scheme?

Coastal Family Day Care Scheme has been operating on Tasmania’s North West Coast since 1986. 


Educators are supported by Family Day Care Australia, which has the largest network of FDC providers in Australia. 


“Our model of care has been developed over years of experience,” a spokesperson for the provider said. 


“We specialise in small groups and one-to-one care, which we have found provides the best learning outcomes.” 


What is Coastal Family Day Care Scheme’s vision and approach to learning?


“Our philosophy is that every child is an individual; unique, full of potential and the central focus of everything we do,” a spokesperson said. 


Families, children, educators, staff and the community work closely together, learning from each other to shape identity and provide the best possible outcomes.


“We are committed to working as a team, having high expectations of each other, and fostering respectful, trusting, lasting relationships.”


What is the Coastal Family Day Care Scheme’s approach to professional development? 


Educators working for Coastal Family Day Care have regular ongoing contact with Coastal Family Day Care staff including home visits, training, meetings and workshops to support them in maintaining currency of skills and knowledge and to deliver quality education and care to children in their care.


The Co-ordination team is centrally located in Somerset however, with educators engaged in most areas of the North-West including Circular Head, Central Coast, Burnie and Devonport regions.


Are there any unique aspects to the Coastal Family Day Care offer?


Yes, there are. 


Coastal Family Day Care is a home-based FDC service, which provides early education and care in a nurturing, natural and flexible home learning environment.


Educators can provide care and education for babies and children up to 13 years of age, and the home-based environment means that siblings can be cared for together. The flexibility of educators means that they are available during standard hours, evenings, before/after school, during school holidays and in some cases overnight and weekends.


To learn more about Coastal Family Day Care Scheme please visit the website, here

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