Sydney councillor proposes 40km zones around ECEC services
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Sydney councillor proposes 40km zones around ECEC services

by Freya Lucas

March 21, 2023
Image shows a toy figurine with a blue hat sitting on a red car, with its head turned to the right.

Sydney Councillor Jess Scully has introduced a proposal which would limit motorists to 40 kilometers per hour around early childhood education and care (ECEC) services in a bid to reduce the number of pedestrian accidents involving children, the ABC reports


According to national data, one child a week on average passes away after being hit by a vehicle, and Ms Scully, along with local residents, is particularly concerned about an intersection in Glebe, near the junction of Mitchell and Glebe streets, where a three year old was killed in December 2021.


Along with the reduced speed limit, the proposal also details road safety measures such as narrower streets, raised crossings and road painting. 


Ms Scully said to the ABC the fact that school zones are speed limited, but ECEC services are not is “a really bizarre oversight”.


While pedestrian crossings are due to be installed at the intersection of concern as part of Sydney’s capital works program for 2024-25, the Councillor would like to see further action taken.


NSW Minister for Metropolitan Roads Natalie Ward told the ABC that the Coalition had no further plans to reduce speed limits in the City of Sydney, and that the City would continue to work with all councils and implement any measure that increases safety in areas frequented by children.


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