Jor Yee found her perfect fit in ECEC, moving from chemistry lecturing to risky play
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Jor Yee found her perfect fit in ECEC, moving from chemistry lecturing to risky play

by Freya Lucas

March 09, 2023

For early childhood educator Jor Yee Bak, employed at Guardian Childcare and Education’s Lemon Tree service, educating and caring for young children is the perfect fit. 


She recently shared her story, outlining the move from her previous vocation as a chemistry lecturer, her love for the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector, and her wishes for the perception of the sector moving forward. 


Ms Bak said it was curiosity which first drew her to working with young children. 


“Initially,” she shared, “I was curious to understand how children acquire their knowledge about the world they live in. This curiosity gave me the push to gain a qualification and step into this profession.”


She began by studying a Diploma in Early Childhood Education, and eventually obtained her Graduate Diploma (Bachelor equivalent.) at RMIT University.  


“As I gained more experience on the job it helped me to relate my learnings back to the real world, and also supported my studies as I had hands-on experience,” Ms Bak added.


In terms of measures of success, when she receives family feedback on the changes they have seen in their children, it fills her with an enormous sense of pride, whether it’s changes in social, emotional or physical development. 


Being able to learn from the children is another aspect she loves about her role. 


“Many people think the children learn from us, but I believe I am learning more about the world from them,” she explained. “They teach me about patience, to slow down, and be present in the moment.”


Ms Bak’s childhood experiences of playing with natural materials such as leaves, sticks and flowers have shaped the opportunities she offers the children in her care. 


“I used to play with many natural materials,” she said. “Dirt, or anything I could find in my backyard. Manipulating those sticks, stones, sand, flowers would have me playing for hours. I believe these experiences shaped my thinking and philosophy about the benefits of allowing the children to play with open-ended materials.  There is such magic in imagination.”


Finally, when asked what she wished other’s knew about the ECEC sector, Ms Bak was optimistic and hopeful. 


“I wish people knew and understood that our role is not just about playing with the children. We are teaching important skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.”


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