Hiring manager shares the top five skills employers look for in a post COVID-19 world
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Hiring manager shares the top five skills employers look for in a post COVID-19 world

by Freya Lucas

March 02, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to significant changes in the employment market for both employers and employees. Once upon a time, technical skills and experience were deal breakers for those looking for new workers, but now there is a list of behavioural skills which are considered far more important. 


Research from Cappfinity shows that the presence of five of these skills, as a foundation, can support early childhood education and care (ECEC) professionals across the spectrum to position themselves for the best possible chance of securing roles which suit their needs. 


Cappfinity Co- Founder and President Nicky Garcea has shared the top five skills that hiring managers are the most impressed by, and how job seekers can recognise them in themselves.




“If you ask great questions, investigate the world around you, and are always expanding your horizons, then consider curiosity a skill of yours. You often find new situations and experiences exciting because they provide opportunities for you to discover more,” Ms Garcea said.


In a job interview setting, this can be achieved by asking good questions, thinking about times when being curious has helped to find the information needed to solve a problem, or when curiosity has been helpful inside the workplace, and sharing these with the interviewer. 




People who are agile enjoy learning about a wide range of topics, and are able to pivot quickly from discovering information about one thing and applying it, to then quickly moving on to something new.


“Ensure you convey to hiring managers times when you have learned something and applied it quickly, or even a time where you had to learn something new and adjust your thinking,” Ms Garcea advised.




Employees with a growth mindset are keen to conquer new challenges, even if they require persistence to succeed. They have an inner belief that they can achieve their goals and find it motivating to work on unfamiliar projects.


In an interview, Ms Garcea recommends highlighting a time where you were able to overcome a challenge that allowed you to grow to show that you have this strength.




Being able to look at issues from a range of different perspectives, and connecting with multiple people to identify next steps and make informed decisions demonstrates a capacity to be critically analytical. 


“You are able to grasp complex concepts, including numerical information, and can draw themes. You don’t necessarily need to be a mathematician, but you may possibly have an interest in data. Describe a time where having a different perspective on something added to a project at work,” Ms Garcea said. 




Those who know that working with others is the best way to achieve results, and who enjoy contributing and delivering on shared goals can add collaboration to their list of skills. 


“You most likely work well in-person and virtually and know how to adapt your communication style. Be sure to show to your interviewer the kind of teammate you want to be and how you plan on showing up to work if they were to give you this role,” Ms Garcea said.


It is important to think of these skills as accelerators that will help you develop yourself further in your career. Whether you are searching for a new role, getting back to work, or are a recent graduate, highlighting these skills to hiring managers will show that you are not only qualified for the role you are being interviewed for, but that you also have potential to grow and move on to greater leadership roles in the organisation.


Having these will also help you develop further as an individual. Taken together, the skills give you an understanding of yourself, how you use information, how you challenge yourself, and how you are with others. This is what is going to give you the basis to go on and build additional strengths and talents.


This story is based on a piece that first appeared in Fast Company. Access the original here

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