The Sector launches 2023 editions of ECEC sector and large provider Reports
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The Sector launches 2023 editions of ECEC sector and large provider Reports

by Jason Roberts

February 28, 2023

The Sector has launched the 2023 editions of its popular report series that focus on the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector and its largest providers with once again both long day care (LDC) and outside school hours care (OSHC) dedicated reports included. 


“We are very pleased to be in a position to launch our 2022 ECEC sector report editions,” Jason Roberts, Founder and CEO of The Sector said. 


“2022 was a very busy year for the LDC and OSHC spaces in Australia. A thorough review of the data reveals the long tail of COVID-19 still acting as a headwind demand wise, workforce challenges contributing negatively to both expense and demand dynamics and inflation, the big new story for the year also playing a key role.”


“That being said, there are some green shoots emerging on the workforce side which should encourage providers and policy makers and forthcoming affordability measures will certainly support the top line.”


Early Childhood Education and Care in Australia Series – LDC and OSHC 


This round of report launches includes the following:


LDC Sector Review & Large Provider Snapshots Report


LDC Large Provider Snapshots Report


OSHC Sector Review & Large Provider Snapshots Report


OSHC Large Provider Snapshots Report


In light of the significant and increasing commitment to the kindergarten and preschool settings by state and territory actors, a third report will be released in due course focusing on this predominantly government and not-for-profit operated sector of the ECEC system. 


Preparations now underway for bi-annual Child Care Management Systems Guide


The Sector team have also confirmed that 2023 will mark the release of the second edition of its bi-annual Child Care Management Systems in Australia – A Comprehensive Guide. 


The guide, which aims to support approved providers to navigate the sometimes complex area of child care management software, provides an independent snapshot of the CCMS landscape, from provider to platform, as well as outline a recommended roadmap for anybody tasked with choosing a new platform partner.


In addition, a new round of the The Sector CCMS User Survey will kick off in July 2023. The survey, which is the first of its kind in the ECEC space, seeks feedback from users on a whole range of experienced based topics such as ease of use, range of features, reliability and more. 


“Its amazing to think that two years have nearly passed since our last CCMS survey and report,” Mr Roberts said. 


“We know how valuable this particular project has been for approved providers and we are excited about once again embarking on this project. We look forward to working with the ECE and CCMS community to make it happen.”


The LDC and OSHC sector reports are now available on The Sector website. The 2023 CCMS report will be available in July/August of this year. 

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