Holistic purpose, high performing teams; How Care for Kids is embedding wellbeing
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Holistic purpose, high performing teams; How Care for Kids is embedding wellbeing

by Freya Lucas

February 14, 2023

Wellbeing has become a key concern for early childhood education and care (ECEC) businesses of all kinds, particularly following the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent restrictions. 


As the sector continues to manage pressing workforce shortages, the need to support staff with their social and emotional wellbeing becomes more urgent. When it comes to providing this support Care for Kids is offering a model which is unique, and underpinned by a deep desire to be of value to families seeking care and ECEC professionals alike. 


One of the new cultural initiatives that has been rolled out throughout the organisation is connection. Every team member, regardless of their position, speaks to customers and parents monthly, to better understand and support our services changing needs. This then flows to all team members’ ability to implement changes, ideate and innovate. 


Care for Kids has been a presence in Australia’s ECEC sector since it was launched in 2003, and has grown and evolved with the sector since then, going from supplying families with high quality information about ECEC options and helping parents search for care quickly and easily to helping educators to find their perfect role, evolving into being one of Australia’s most comprehensive ECEC resources.


The importance of supporting teams


When it comes to holistically supporting teams with their wellbeing and balance, newly appointed CEO Ash Sachdev has the perspective that when people are supported to be their best, they will deliver their best. 


“I have been part of high performance teams and the critical factor to success is ensuring that everyone receives the support they need. This ranges from flexibility, recognition of results, and investing in their future development. The culture and ethos of how you operate will always attract talent in,” Mr Sachdev said. 


“It’s important to treat team members in a similar way to how you treat a relationship. You have to create the platform of trust and open communication with the understanding that its a two way street” 


Mr Sachdev has introduced a number of initiatives to the Care for Kids team since his appointment in June 2022 including daily time out to meditate, resilience workshops to nurture higher performance workshops, the ability to work flexibly around families, and commitment to giving back through organised volunteering.


Meditation and mindfulness training has been one of the most popular initiatives, and was implemented in January this year, giving every team member the daily opportunity to disconnect and recharge. 


“We all made a conscious effort to be vulnerable and learn a skill that can be hard to master,” Mr Sachdev shared. 


“Our team were able to nurture a skill that can lead to lifelong transformation and this is incredibly important to me. As a family man, and a CEO, I want my team feeling supported and their best self when at home and at work.”


‘Our team realizes that pressure is a privilege – being trusted to help deliver the best outcomes for the ECEC sector is stressful at times, but we no longer view that stress in a negative way. It’s a reminder that we have work to do and we have a team equipped with strategies to stay resilient and deliver positive outcomes” he added. 


Growing high performing teams 


For those ECEC service leaders who want to invest in their staff, he recommends the following tips: 


  1. Starting to understand that feedback is not something negative. Leaders need to change the narrative and ensure that feedback is positive tool of growth, both for the team and the leader

  2. Take the time to truly understand what your team wants, and tailor the investment to suit the individual. There isn’t a one size fits all approach. 

  3. Give people the time to reconnect with the purpose of your organisation. For us it’s spending time talking to ECEC services and parents, for you it might be as simple as giving people time to connect with the community. 


To learn more about Care for Kids, and how they can support you and the families in your service, please visit the website.

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