Time to explore: MTA launches its 2023 range of play space and furniture resources
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Time to explore: MTA launches its 2023 range of play space and furniture resources

by Freya Lucas

February 07, 2023

It’s a new year and that’s always an exciting time for early childhood education and care (ECEC) services as they welcome new children into their spaces. In the care of professional educators children begin to explore their creativity and imagination through carefully planned and curated play spaces. They also begin to develop confidence and a sense of independence when the resources are welcoming, age-appropriate and purpose-built.


The team at MTA supports services by sourcing some of the highest quality and highest value play and furniture resources. Suitable for the youngest learner to the time that children leave for school, this new range of play space and furniture resources will help educators and approved providers create spaces where children’s curiosity and sense of exploration can thrive. Here’s what’s new in 2023.


Art meets fun with this 4-in-1 Tabletop Easel

Write, draw, erase, switch… start again! Whatever artistic mood children find themselves in, this versatile indoor/outdoor easel helps to encourage imagination with four different interchangeable writing surfaces. Secured in a thick wooden frame, children can explore their creativity by engaging with a dry-erase whiteboard, magnetic chalkboard, plain chalkboard or clear acrylic perspex board. 


Each board is easily switched, while the 4-in-1 Tabletop Easel has a 5-point screwing mechanism that allows educators to tilt the angle of the tabletop easel, accommodating the various  needs of children and offering comfortable  use.


A clever collector tray with a lip holds markers, crayons, chalk, paint and magnets. The framework of the easel is 66(L) x 20(W)cm while each interchangeable board measures at 44(L) x 37(W) cm.


Explore the magic of magnetic and light play

MTA’s stunning new Polydron KinderMag Translucent Set contains 24 pieces that snap together to make a range of 2D and 3D designs and shapes. It’s a learning light show! Introduce children as early as 12 months+ to concepts related to polarity, shape and space with the easy clip together magnetic pieces.


Polydron is the foremost supplier of geometric construction shapes to early childhood education centres, and their resources have earned the respect of educators around the world for over 30 years. Known for their excellent quality and value for money, these timeless Polydron products will last for generations to come.


Recognised as an important educational tool for children, Polydron sets come with books written by education professionals to support the mathematical application of Polydron in your service. 


They include lesson plans, fully licensed photocopiable exercises, glossaries and fun activities. This set includes six beautiful translucent colours to create contrasting models and shapes. Using Polydron is technicolour magnetic fun, and when children are having fun, they learn more readily. 


Stack, build and sort with this sustainable Wooden Arches Kit

The possibilities are endless with this wonderful MTA Spaces Wooden Arches Kit that includes 24 colourful and 24 natural toned wooden arches. Loose parts resources help children to understand how the world works through exploration and problem solving. There is no right or wrong way to play with loose parts. Children can explore dramatic play, mathematics, science, physics, pattern making, sorting, engineering, language and communication. A kit such as this is perfect as the basis for STEM and STEAM activities.


This kit encourages open-ended learning and creative thinking through play and can be used with a variety of other resources. As there are no set instructions, open ended play can be almost anything. These imagination-unlocking wooden arches can be built, redesigned, balanced, lined up, taken apart and put back together in endless ways. 


Made from rubberwood, this kit is a great choice for the environment too. Rubberwood is a sustainable choice, as it is the wood that is taken from rubber trees that have stopped providing latex. (Pará rubber trees are cultivated for their latex, and at the end of their useful life are harvested to become rubberwood lumber which is why rubberwood is referred to as an environmentally friendly wood).


Each 48 piece set includes 3 different sizes. Children (aged 18 months+) can explore stacking, building and sorting… and let their imaginations run wild!


Mesmerising and mindful Mandala Mats

They’re bright. They’re bold. They’re beautiful. MTA Spaces Mindful Mandala Mats make inviting kaleidoscope-like patterns for children to learn with, interact with and enjoy.


An effectively designed space has the potential to positively influence all areas of a child’s development. Welcoming and engaging learning environments bring so many benefits. When educators create environments with a variety of textures, fabrics, colours and materials, it helps to create a space that is visually appealing and engaging, but also calming and restful. Young children respond differently, based on the design, the types of resources and the materials used in each space. 


These Mindful Mandala Mats are ideal to make imaginative and creative learning environments – for active play games, reading spots, group time placements or fun social distancing spots. Children can sit on them, stand on them, arrange them in a circle or a line, or hop and skip on them like stepping stones… these fun, colourful mats offer so many play and learning moments.


With so many beautiful patterns to explore in these mandala mats, children can also use their observational skills to look and compare, finding similarities and differences in each mat, building their knowledge of colour and shape, as well as enriching their mathematical vocabulary.


These come in a set of 20 polyester mats (with rubberised non-slip backing) for placement, social distancing and play. Each measures 38cm in diameter and features a beautiful mandala design. 


Create a cosy nook for calm or exploratory play

What will the Stockholm Spaces Cosy Pod be today? A house, a cave or comfy quiet reading nook? Will it be a shop, a hotel or a relaxing sensory centre? The simplicity of this Stockholm Spaces furniture piece ensures it can transform into anything your learning space needs.


Made from environmentally sustainable FSC birch plywood which has been lacquered for easy cleaning, the Stockholm Spaces range of wooden furniture is practical with an innovative design. This range of furniture is a beautiful and natural option for any early childhood environment


FSC is the world’s most rigorous labelling system for timber products and is the only forest label supported by the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace and the Australian Conservation Fund. FSC approval ensures that this item is an environmentally friendly and sustainable option for your service.


Stockholm Spaces Cosy Pod creates a wonderful nook for calm or exploratory play. It features a scratch-resistant mirror on the back panel, side coloured circles and a fabric curtain. Time to get cosy.


All the world’s a stage!

Step up! This Natural Spaces Play Stage Kit with four simple timber platforms, each with a durable grey polyester carpet top, is perfect for encouraging play and role play among children. 


Role play helps children to develop language and communication skills while also promoting creativity and imagination. Dramatic and imaginative play also encourages children to become more confident and develop a stronger sense of identity. When children come together in role play, it aids in their social and emotional development. Listening to others, negotiation and co-operation all result from authentic dramatic play. 


On their own, these play stages are perfect for encouraging social and imaginative play and role play among children, and when combined with multiple podiums, a larger stage can be created in different configurations. 


Mirror mirror, on the wall…

Curious toddlers love to explore. They love to look. They love to move! This clever SafeSpace Toddler Wall Mirror comes with an adjustable wooden handrail that can be easily moved for use at various heights.


Designed to promote gross motor and sensory development in babies and toddlers, this large toddler wall mirror is mounted to a suitable wall and the wooden cross bar can be moved up or down easily and used as a handle to accommodate a range of heights. 


It means that children can lift themselves up, hold on and steady themselves as they play peekaboo with their own reflection and discover their world.


The thoughtful SafeSpace furniture range is specifically designed for babies and toddlers. The mirror is plastic and child safe for the most playful game of self-gazing.


The SafeSpace range creates a natural and welcoming play space for babies and toddlers (suitable for ages 12 months+).


Create a sensory space outdoors in the Rainbow House

‘Let’s go to the rainbow house!’ This is bound to be an absolute favourite with children everywhere. The Harmony Education Outdoor Rainbow House creates a magical environment for children to learn through exploratory play. It also provides a restful nook in any outdoor space. Reading, resting or connecting takes on a new dimension in the rainbow house.


The coloured acrylic panels in the rainbow house create a warm and inviting atmosphere which makes it a beautiful addition to any educational environment.


Harmony Education’s range of furniture and play resources are always designed with quality in mind. The timeless design of this outdoor play space uses FSC certified hardwood, eucalyptus or acacia for added durability. 


Pull up a stool and let’s have some fun

This new Stockholm Spaces Wooden Table with Stools is an ideal indoor table setting for small group play or activities. It can seat sixchildren at the wooden table and includes two single stools and two long stools. Whether it’s used for creating art, for dining, for reading or for playing, this table and stool set is bound to be a popular and much-loved hub in your service.


This beautiful early childhood furniture range is practical with an innovative design. Birch plywood is used for the pieces in the range, and lacquered to make them easy to clean.


All timber used in this product is approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). FSC approval ensures that this item is an environmentally friendly and sustainable option for your service.


Outdoor cushions that invite fun and celebrate nature

Is there anything more comfortable and relaxing than basking in the sun, playing or listening to a story while resting on a wonderful large outdoor cushion? Cushions and soft furnishings help to create warm and inviting spaces for both play and learning. They help to make the learning environment comfortable and welcoming for children, parents and educators.


These fantastic MTA Spaces Natural Textures Large Outdoor Cushions will make an incredible addition to your outdoor space. This great value set of five large outdoor cushions feature beautifully detailed photographic images. The set is a celebration of nature and the great outdoors, with designs that feature pebbles, woven textures, eucalyptus, stone and wood. 


Each cushion is fade resistant and includes a thickly padded foam insert for comfort and durability. Naturally, these outdoor cushions feature fabric that has been treated to be UV stable and fade resistant, plus the material also can repel light rain. 


To learn more about MTA’s new 2023 range of play space and furniture resources, or see the full range of MTA products, visit their website here. To connect with your local consultant, reach out to MTA by phone on 1800 251 497 or email [email protected]

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