International Nanny Training Day will see more than 1,000 nannies gather to celebrate
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International Nanny Training Day will see more than 1,000 nannies gather to celebrate

by Freya Lucas

February 02, 2023

Nannies from around the world will celebrate International Nanny Training Day on 1 April 2023, gathering in more than 25 cities across the globe, including a celebration in Melbourne  hosted by Placement Solutions


The event aims to raise awareness of the positive correlation between nanny training and quality care, and is part of the USA Week of the Young Child, an annual celebration sponsored and organised by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.


“We’re really excited to again offer the amazing nannies we work with training tailored to the private home environment,” said CEO of Placement Solutions Louise Dunham. 


“Working as a nanny is different from working in any other kind of childcare (sic.) job. Our training will tackle some of its unique challenges and celebrate its unique rewards. It is once again, post-pandemic, an external event hosted in Hawthorn with a sit-down lunch included. This is a great opportunity for nannies to gather in person in what can be an isolated job.”


Placement Solutions has been hosting these events since 2012, and although COVID-19 restrictions slowed down local events in previous years, excitement about the return of the event is mounting.


While professional development is required in other early childhood education and care (ECEC) settings, the informal nature of nanny care often leads parents and caregivers to believe that ongoing training isn’t necessary for nannies. 


However early childhood researchers such as Dr Laura Berk, a retired Professor at Illinois State University’s Psychology Department, tell a different story. Her research shows that all types of ECEC providers become skilled professionals when hands-on care experience is combined with training and education.


“Many nannies are drawn to this work because they have natural skills,” explained Sue Downey, owner of NannyPalooza.


“But when you combine those natural instincts with a solid knowledge of child development you will directly increase the quality of care for children. And top-notch care is what every child needs and deserves.”


The Melbourne event will offer sessions on:


  • Child trauma informed care; 
  • Professional nanny vs babysitter; 
  • Overworked, overwhelmed, under-paid and underappreciated; 
  • Extra training resources, mentoring and networking; and, 
  • Where is the nanny profession incorporated into the great Australian childcare debate?


The training day is open to nannies throughout the community. This event will also offer caregivers the opportunity to network, share resources and be appreciated for the important work they do. 


For more information on this event, nannies can visit the link here

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