OSHC provider TeamKids launches new eBook for children and families
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OSHC provider TeamKids launches new eBook for children and families

by Freya Lucas

January 25, 2023

Outside school hours care (OSHC) provider TeamKids has launched a new eBook to help children feel more confident on their first day of OSHC and successfully transition into primary school.


Charlie’s First Day at OSHC follows Charlie, a child about to go to his first day at OSHC. He feels nervous, but quickly realises that TeamKids is safe and fun. It was created to help ease any first day jitters that children may experience as they transition from early childhood education to primary school and reduce stress for families. 


Charlie’s First Day at OSHC was written in tandem by TeamKids Founding Director Sam Hoath and TeamKids School Relationships Manager Romney Nelson. As a father and former teacher, Mr Hoath has firsthand experience with familiarising children to new school environments and routines.


The story aims to ease any concerns children and families may experience when they are faced with new routines, different environments, and anxious feelings. It is especially useful for families in supporting children with additional needs, who can require extra support with change.


As families and children read along together, they gain a better understanding about their new daily routine. The story outlines drop-off, hygiene and food practices, and activities that are run during a typical day at OSHC. This helps children recognise common scenarios and makes them feel more comfortable when they attend OSHC. The book is available for educators to use at each TeamKids venue too, which further supports children in understanding and practising their new routine.  


During the story, children are introduced to new people they are likely to meet while at OSHC, including other children, parents, and educators. The eBook helps to answer any questions or concerns children may have before their first day at OSHC, which in turn, calms parents and families as they are better prepared to support their children through this transition.


“We have found that by removing the unknown factor, the eBook is making that first day a much smoother transition for both the children and their parents or guardians,” said TeamKids State Operations Manager Louise Black.

Charlie’s First Day at OSHC is available to read here.

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