First Nations Assistant Educator Brendan reflects on his time in ECEC
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First Nations Assistant Educator Brendan reflects on his time in ECEC

by Freya Lucas

January 10, 2023

First Nations Assistant Educator Brendan Webb has shared his reflections on working in early childhood education and care, a career which began in 2019 when he joined Goodstart Early Learning’s Hobart West Centre as the providers first-ever First Nations male trainee.


For Mr Webb, having the opportunity to make a positive and enduring impact on young learners’ lives is a core part of his role, but what he says he values most is the many small yet meaningful moments of connection he experiences every day.


“I love it when I come into the centre in the morning, and the children come up and say, ‘Hello! I’ve got something to show you!’ They’re so happy and proud. Those interactions are really meaningful to me. It makes me strive to support the children as best I can and provide the most beneficial learning experiences.”


When he finished high school, Mr Webb wasn’t sure of which career path he wanted to follow, and spent some time exploring different options such as engineering, teaching and finance, – until a bridging course introduced him to disability support – and a new, purposeful direction.


“I got to experience what it was like to work with children, and I discovered that I really enjoyed it. So, when I heard about a traineeship at Goodstart, I thought I’d give it a try. And I loved it,” he said. 


He completed his Certificate III in ECEC while working with Goodstart Hobart West team, where he gained hands-on experience while studying. With the support of leaders invested in his personal and professional growth, he completed his traineeship in 2022.


As an Assistant Educator, Mr Webb is passionate about preparing the next generation of young learners for primary school and beyond, and as a First Nations man, he serves as an inspiring role model for the children he supports and the wider community. 


“Some children tend to connect more easily with male figures,” he shared. “I think having a mix of genders in our centres can be so beneficial to children’s learning experiences. So, I would encourage more males to become Educators. And if we can welcome more First Nations Educators, I see that as a huge benefit, too. A diversity of people, skills and experience creates better learning outcomes.”


In the future Mr Webb plans to study for his Diploma in Early Childhood Education and said he looks forward to welcoming more compassionate people to the Goodstart team.


To learn more about Goodstart Early Learning, please see here

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