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For Jenny’s Early Learning Centre traineeships have been a winner

by Freya Lucas

October 06, 2022

The Department of Education recently shared a case study about Jenny’s Early Learning Centre, Bendigo (Jenny’s ELC), outlining the role that traineeships have played in securing the future of the service. 


An extract of the case study appears below. To access it in full, please visit this link


Since establishing its first centre in 2008, Jenny’s ELC has placed a focus on traineeships and their role in developing an energetic workforce and culture, expanding to now operate five services with 140 employees. 


The family-run provider educates about 800 children enrolled in Centre Based Day Care and three- and four-year-old kindergarten.


While many providers choose to employ those who already have qualifications, Jenny’s leans toward employing trainees, and then supporting and paying for them to become qualified. 


Around one in four Jenny’s team members are in training at any given time, Managing director Darren Reid said, and about two-thirds of qualified staff had come through traineeship ranks.


“We’ve found trainees benefit from real-world experience. We give them time for their studies, and they can access great mentors,” Mr Reid explained, offering the following tips for those interested in the approach.


  • Commit to your workforce – it takes time to develop people 
  • Be flexible – employees value work/life balance
  • Establish a relationship with a registered training provider


“Jenny’s ELC has done remarkably well despite the difficulties of a tight employment market,” he continued. 


“Indeed, the business has found that giving people a taste of the sector as early as possible has created a pathway for job seekers and a source of talent for the business.”


Lisa Chesters, Member for Bendigo, has said Jenny’s traineeship program is a practical initiative that helps to address workplace issues. 


“Early childhood educators are valuable contributors to society and deserve recognition for their work in educating our youngest Australians,” Ms Chesters said.


After a recent visit to Jenny’s, Federal Minister for Early Childhood Education Dr Anne Aly agreed, saying it was a “delight” to see educators and children thriving together. 


Early childhood educators are a priority under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentive System


They can attract a wage subsidy for employers of 10 per cent in the first and second years and five per cent in the third year.


Apprentices and trainees in priority occupations also receive a direct Apprentice Training Support Payment of up to $5,000 over two years.


Learn more about the Australian Apprenticeships Incentive System

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