Trainees welcomed at Sparkways services as vitally important team members
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Trainees welcomed at Sparkways services as vitally important team members

by Freya Lucas

September 14, 2022

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) provider Sparkways has made a commitment to supporting emerging professionals, bringing five trainees on board – one for each of its five Early Learning Centres, an initiative Executive Operations Manager – Early Learning & Care, Amy Carr describes as exciting.


“Traineeships are vitally important to us at Sparkways,” she explains.


“They help attract some wonderful people to the sector, provide a great training ground and also assist with succession planning.”


One of the trainees, Kylie Le, views her transition into the ECEC workforce as a future proofing move, one which will allow her to learn some foundational skills.  She is now six months into her traineeship, and said she’s feeling confident that she’s made the right choice. 


 “I love children and it’s great to be here working with them and watching them grow and learn. In our own ways, we are all growing and learning, which is nice,” she said.


“It’s not an easy job by any stretch but I love it. It’s so rewarding.”


From learning best practice and building knowledge and skills, all trainees receive on the job mentoring with more senior educators within the organisation as well as other support. 


From a direct mentor, right through to developmental days, attending conferences, first aid, OHS training, food handling and child protection training, trainees are well supported. 


“Working part-time gives people the opportunity who are passionate about education, want on the job training and may not be in a position to pay for their studies,” Amy explained.


“So the fact that they are studying and then applying what they’re studying in concrete context where they can see firsthand how it is in the sector really gives them the chance to start a new career in something that’s meaningful for them and with the best chance possible of not having to go into debt to learn.”


The traineeship also provides senior Sparkways staff with the opportunity to become leaders and pass on the knowledge they have gained through their careers.


“Having a trainee observing you and learning from you is a great experience. It’s also great for them if they do stay with the organisation and become leaders, they remember what it’s like to be mentored.”


The Sparkways team work hard to cultivate a culture where their people feel heard, acknowledged, needed and appreciated, things which Amy also believes are crucial to a successful traineeship. 


“A thank you letter, or note, a small gift on a special day, or a voucher. I think they’re the things that keep people around,” she continued.


“When you feel that you’re making a positive difference, specifically when you’re working with young children, you see them grow and empower them to become the best version of themselves.”


A culture of team spirit and a sense of collegiate family with a strong two-way feedback loop is also something Amy says is a high priority at Sparkways.


“I think being able to speak up safely when you need something really helps to feel that you’re part of something and are being seen,” she added. 


“As educators we are all very much in it together for this really, really important cause. Which is giving children the best start in life.”


To learn more about opportunities at Sparkways, please see here. 

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