Three new providers engaged to operate preschool services in Victoria in 2023
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Three new providers engaged to operate preschool services in Victoria in 2023

by Freya Lucas

August 15, 2022

Three new providers have been engaged to operate preschool services in Victoria’s Eltham North, Hurstbridge and Panton Hill in 2023.


Nilumbik Council this week appointed Diamond Creek Memorial Kindergarten to operate Panton Hill Preschool next year.


Diamond Creek Memorial Kindergarten has historically operated at Collins St Diamond Creek until 2020 the service was expanded to the Coniston St site after Diamond Creek East Preschool closed down.


“Both of these sites are operating at maximum capacity and are led by an exemplary and passionate team of educators and Parent Committee of Management,” a Council spokesperson said.


The news follows the engagement of Ferguson Park Preschool in June to operate the neighbouring Hurstbridge Preschool site, which closed at the end of 2021. They will expand their program into the preschool in Graysharps Road from 2023, allowing them to extend the hours of their three-year-old preschool program.


Eltham North Primary School will take over the management of the Eltham North Preschool from 2023, strengthening the connections between the two services and the community. The school is well positioned to take on the preschool with its already established links in the community.


These changes follow notification from current preschool provider Sparkways earlier this year that it would cease operation of the Eltham North and Panton Hill preschools at the end of 2022 due to change in the company’s strategic direction.


Nillumbik Shire Council does not operate preschools in Nillumbik. Council instead provides the infrastructure and works in partnership with approved preschool providers by providing training and support as well as managing the preschool central enrolment system for three and four-year-old preschool programs.


Mayor Frances Eyre welcomed the new operators of the three preschools, saying that early years education “sets a child up for life” and “that it is vital that families across the Shire have access to quality local preschool services”. 


“Preschools are one of the building blocks of our community,” she continued. 


“They are an important place to meet and create long-lasting friendships and connections for both children and their families. So this is not only beneficial for the preschools themselves, but the community as a whole.”


Mayor Eyre said the Council is “very pleased that the appointment of providers at all three preschool sites will now provide families with certainty in planning for the year ahead”.

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