NEiTA Awards offer an opportunity to shine a light on unsung ECEC heroes
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NEiTA Awards offer an opportunity to shine a light on unsung ECEC heroes

by Freya Lucas

May 23, 2022

The National Excellence in Teaching Awards (NEiTA) are now open for 2022 nominations, seeking to highlight excellent and inspirational teachers from early childhood through to secondary level from Australia and New Zealand. 


Throughout the 28-year history of the awards over a thousand teachers have shared in more than $1 million in professional development grants, prizes and endowments. 


The Awards have five main objectives:

  • To recognise teachers and leaders who represent excellence within their teaching profession through their contribution to the advancement of education at local, regional or national levels.
  • To raise community confidence in the teaching profession.
  • To encourage and support increased professional development of teachers.
  • To provide grants and award prizes to teachers and leaders who have demonstrated a particularly high level of dedication and professional expertise and excellence.
  • To encourage the enjoyment of learning.


In 2022, the Award team has placed particular emphasis on the need to shine a light on unsung education heroes through the nominations process.

“We all know someone who just gets on with their work, day-in day-out, dedicating themselves to their students, and always thinking of a better way to teach and learn,” a spokesperson said. 


“Well, it’s time to reward them for their efforts. To say thanks for everything, and tell them how exceptional they are.”


Award winners receive a professional development grant of up to $10,000 to further their career and to find ways to help their students reach their potential. They’ll be honoured in a virtual awards ceremony and be invited to meet and network with the other recipients and NEiTA alumni.

The Seed award category is specific to the work of early childhood teachers and educators, and acknowledges the foundational role they play in laying the foundations for lifelong practice and enjoyment of learning.


Two Seed award winners are chosen from Australia, and two from New Zealand, with a $5,000 professional development grant given to both. In 2022, a Seed Teams award is also up for grabs, with a shared professional development grant of $10,000 going to the winning team.


Early childhood educators are also able to be nominated for the additional award categories such as the Early Career Teaching Award, the Teacher Mentor Award and the Futurity Parents’ Awards.


Nominations are open until 17 July, with the winners announced in October. For further information on the criteria for the awards and the nomination process, see here. To make a nomination directly, see here

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