Variety Children’s Charity partners with I.D.E.A on new preschool app
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Variety Children’s Charity partners with I.D.E.A on new preschool app

by Freya Lucas

May 12, 2022

Variety, the Children’s Charity, has partnered with International Digital Educational Access (I.D.E.A.) to highlight the needs of children with additional needs through an educational app for preschool aged children aged between two and five years of age. 


The Oville World App now features a new Variety House, and a new character, Charitee. Oville World’s partnership with Variety seeks to create awareness on inclusivity and encourage children to be leaders in a diverse society. 


Oville World, built intuitively for preschoolers, is a collection of safe learning apps that link into an online virtual community. After a successful launch last year, thousands of young children are using the apps to commence early reading, math, life skills, empathy and safely experience their first app. 


In addition to kindergarten prep, Oville teaches important life lessons, including respecting others and taking responsibility. In the game, young players meet characters and explore an imaginary world to discover new houses that contain a variety of games, books, and music. 


Through the new Variety House and Charitee character, children playing in Oville will have an opportunity to engage with a character differently abled than other characters and possibly themselves, as well as participate in being supportive members of a vibrant and diverse community.


“Our team has been dedicated to this project for a number of years and every person from our first computer provider to our talented artist who has drawn every bit of Oville, all celebrate our success of Oville World together,” said Eronne Foster CEO and Founder of I.D.E.A.  


“It’s never too soon to learn kindness, understanding and cooperation. The new mantra is Different, but the same”, Ms Foster shared when asked about the fundamental message behind the new content coming to Oville World. 


“It can be hard for young children to know how to deal with differences. Here through the various characters in Oville, children learn how to celebrate what makes us unique while understanding what also unites us all as a community”.


Oville World is available in each App store for download, with more information available here.

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