ECEC owners, managers and landlords are turning to Our Ark for cost effective, community-based risk protection
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ECEC owners, managers and landlords are turning to Our Ark for cost effective, community-based risk protection

by Jason Roberts

January 27, 2022

As 2022 kicks off stakeholders from across the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector are turning to Our Ark Mutual for tailored risk protection as an alternative to insurance to get a fair price and to have the added comfort of knowing that its mutual structure ensures that community is always valued. 


“Since launching our alternative to insurance more widely to the ECEC community early last year we have been humbled by the strong levels of interest and the trust that many first time members have placed in us and our model,” CEO Charles Pollack said. 


“As a mutual, Our Ark is owned and run for the benefit of its members. Our overarching objective is to support our members by providing high quality protection at excellent prices. And now, you can get an online quote.”


“If there is any surplus left over, after claims and other expenses, this is retained for members to provide benefits such as offsets to future costs or more comprehensive overall protection,” he added. 


The peace of mind of knowing that the right cover is in place for your risk needs


According to Our Ark, over 90 per cent of the insurance costs incurred by the ECEC sector are related to property and contents. Like many businesses, ECEC providers are experiencing annual increases in insurance costs, whether a claim is made or not. 


Our Ark, Mr Pollack explained, offers a variety of risk protection products directly related to the day to day operational needs of its members, helping them to address common issues such as loss to buildings, business interruption, or loss of contents. 


“Our diverse member base includes ECEC owners, managers and landlords all of which are after a high level of understanding of their risk needs yet also the comfort of knowing that they are protected,” he said. 


“As we enter a new year we are urging the ECEC community to reach out so we can ensure there is no guessing about the risks and the chance of being over or under protected going forward.”


“Even if your renewal is not due for several months, planning early and seeking guidance around available options can result in better prices and protection,” Mr. Pollack said.


Cost advantage remains a key differentiator as stakeholders eye their bottom line


The unique structure of Our Ark Mutual enables it to offer risk protection for its members with few exclusions compared and no excess.


“What we seem to be hearing from our members is that not only is the cost of Our Ark protection lower than their previous provider but what is included is broader which in turn brings peace of mind, on both counts,” Mr Pollack said. 


“We are all very conscious that the price of goods and services around us is rising and want to make it clear that Our Ark Mutual is here for the community and our unique structure enables us to deliver on our commitments year in and year out. 


“There are benefits to being a not for profit alternative to insurance providers and happily those benefits accrue to our members and not shareholders. 


To get an online quote or learn more about Our Ark Mutual and how they can support your service please see here.

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