Lynn Canham says farewell to Mudgee Preschool after almost three decades
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Lynn Canham says farewell to Mudgee Preschool after almost three decades

by Freya Lucas

December 21, 2021

Preschool educator Lynn Canham has left Mudgee Preschool after more than 30 years, leaving behind a legacy of caring, adaptability and love for her work and the children in her care.


Since her retirement, generations of families who have been in her care have come forward to share their memories of their time together, leaving Ms Canham “overwhelmed” with messages. 


She began working at Mudgee Preschool in 1990 after a stint at South Mudgee Preschool known as ‘the little preschool’ at the time, and after a bit more than 31 years, Lynn said she and her husband felt it was the right time to wind down.


Although there have been many changes to the world of preschool since the 90’s, Lynn’s passion for her work hasn’t changed, and the sense that she is part of a village raising children in Mudgee.


“My husband and I had planned it. It wasn’t a spur of the moment idea, we had planned to retire two years ago. Now the time is right. Our children are away, our grandchildren are away. So it’s time for us to have a more leisurely life,” she told local paper Mudgee Guardian. 


Mudgee Preschool Director, Rosie Gibbs, has been at the service one year longer than Lynn, and she said it’s “remarkable” to have a workplace with such long standing staff. 


“I think it’s people like Lynn who make it easy to work in the same place because she’s supportive of anybody new who does come in, she’s always happy to show people the ropes,” Rosie said.


“She’s wise and kind. And the same for the children and their families. She just has this lovely, calm ability to adapt and give her all to anybody.”


Lynn will remain connected with the service in a reduced capacity, admitting it would be “impossible” to let go completely.


“I’ll probably just call in or do a bit of casual work and things like that. I hope to do some volunteer up at South [Mudgee Preschool], when they do go to the nursing homes and things like that, to just be that extra set of eyes. To help out,” she added.


Wednesday, December 15 was Lynn’s last full day at the preschool. She will officially be farewelled in the new year. To access the original coverage of this story please see here

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