Is improving efficiency your New Year's Resolution for 2022? How Woolworths at Work can help
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Is improving efficiency your New Year’s Resolution for 2022? How Woolworths at Work can help

by Freya Lucas

December 21, 2021

Time – it’s the one thing busy early childhood education and care (ECEC) decision makers wish they had more of. 


From the “can I just pick your brain for a second” to the parent who needs a little extra reassurance, there’s 100 interruptions that stand between leaders and to-do lists, leaving many feeling frustrated and burnt out. 


For those who are heading into 2022 with a determination to get a better handle on their time management, Woolworths at Work has a variety of solutions which will help you to streamline efficiency, and give back time while taking away stress. 


Simplified supply management


Many service providers operate ECEC services in multiple locations across the country. Simplifying supply partners to one nationwide solution reduces the number of vendors, lowers the impact on the accounts payable workload, and most importantly reduces the number of invoices to keep track of. This, in turn, leads to a number of cost efficiencies, leaving more room in the budget for the things that matter most. 


Even for those services who operate across more than one site, the time saved by consolidating food and essential supplies to one provider will add up to big savings across the year. 


Time saving shopping tools 


Pasta, rice, tinned tomatoes, flour, fresh fruit… no matter what the season, there are some staples which are on all shopping lists for ECEC services around the country, each and every week. 


With saveable shopping lists and previous order visibility, Woolworths at Work makes ordering easy for your teams with both weekly and special occasion shopping lists available, allowing services to add items from a saved list straight into the cart in one simple click. 


Coupled with the team not having to process any invoices; unwanted administration is removed so teams can spend valuable time with the children in their care or taking that needed lunch break.


Delivery windows that work around your needs 


At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in many states and territories one of the first pressure points was around food delivery. Where it was once simple to order one day and get delivery the next, suddenly networks were under pressure, and services found themselves scrambling to put food in front of the children. 


With Woolworths at Work, delivery options are tailored to times that work for services. 2 hour delivery windows give peace of mind that fresh food and everyday essentials arrive when needed, with same day delivery options for when essentials are needed in a hurry. 


Goods are delivered in refrigerated vehicles, meaning cooks and chefs have peace of mind that their produce is arriving fresh each time.  


Smart accounting solutions


Moving to a national provider for procurement frees up time in so many ways. From a reduction in manual invoice handling to consolidating hundreds of transactions into one easy to read document, making the move to Woolworths at Work has been a game changer for so many ECEC services. 


“Invoicing had become a mundane process of data entry, reconciling and back and forth between shoppers and finance teams,” Erica Mihalakis, Operations Manager at Big Childcare explained. 


Once the Big Childcare team moved to Woolworths at work, time pressures eased, and the team had a real-time view of spending across the network, which helped them to make informed decisions more quickly. In fact, accounts payable administration time was halved, with 170 monthly invoices becoming one. 


Support when you need it 


Say goodbye to frustrated teams having to chase up missing items and not knowing who to turn to. Whether it’s asking if things can be ordered in bulk, last minute order changes or an update on your delivery. With Woolworths at Work services gain access to dedicated account managers who come to know your business’s needs inside and out, anticipating needs and solving problems before they even arise. 


Having a dedicated supply partner can help to solve supply management issues fast such as invoice queries, order enquiries, bulk ordering, updating orders and more. This will help leaders to save time on admin whilst delivering long term value. 

“We had an amazing onboarding experience, it was very smooth and I did not find the need to be constantly involved. Our dedicated Account Manager proactively reaches out to us to see how things are going and how Woolworths at Work can help our business.”


Ellen Porter, State Operations Manager, Mayfield Childcare

To learn more about how Woolworths at Work can help you streamline efficiency in 2022 get in touch with the sales team to find out more.

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