Blue Knot Foundation announces ongoing fundraising collaboration with Damien Rider
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Blue Knot Foundation announces ongoing fundraising collaboration with Damien Rider

by Freya Lucas

December 08, 2021

The National Centre of Excellence for Complex Trauma, the Blue Knot Foundation, has announced that ‘ultra-adventurer’ Damien Rider will step into an ongoing fundraising role, providing the Foundation with a unique opportunity to reach new audiences.


The Blue Knot Foundation is best known in early childhood education and care (ECEC) circles for the role it plays in supporting survivors of complex trauma. It empowers recovery and builds resilience for the more than five million adult Australians (one in four) with a lived experience of complex trauma, including childhood trauma and abuse, while also providing support to their families and communities. 


Many children in ECEC services belong to families with lived experiences of childhood trauma and abuse, which can have intergenerational legacies and consequences, impacting the way in which families use and receive care. 


The Blue Knot Foundation is also a national leader in trauma-informed training, practice and organisational change, and played a pivotal role supporting the work of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, advocating for fair and equitable redress, and now in supporting people applying for redress. The Foundation also engages with the Disability Royal Commission


A survivor of ‘unimaginable’ abuse


Based on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Mr Rider is a survivor of “unimaginable” child abuse, a globally respected wellness and mindset coach, and a celebrated advocate against trauma. He was invited to be an ambassador for Blue Knot in 2021.


Beyond his advocacy work, Mr Rider has captured the attention of the globe for embarking on extraordinary challenges to raise funds for worthy causes – from paddling 800 kilometres for 17 days in shark-infested waters along the Australian coast to skateboarding for 56 days along the entire Route 66 through the scorching Mojave Desert.


In June 2021, Mr Rider reached new heights, using an event in the United States to raise funds for Blue Knot, where he jumped off a hot air balloon at 7,500 feet and promoted the Foundation’s resources on a global scale.


Mr Rider said his main aim in being involved with the Foundation is to show survivors that recovery is absolutely possible with the right support.


His next fundraising effort will see him virtually present at a prestigious benefit event in the United States on 12 December, where money will be raised to support adult survivors of childhood trauma and Blue Knot’s support services will be shared with new audiences.


Event organiser Jeremy Thacker-Rhodes has expressed his excitement to have Mr Rider and Blue Knot on board.


“After attending Damien’s event for his World Record Breaking balloon jump, we knew that this was the cause we wanted to support for our event this year. We believe in what he is doing and have seen first hand the impact it has on individuals that need to heal from the impact of violence and abuse.


“Although we are sad Damien can’t be here in person to attend the event, we are so excited to share his inspirational story with our guests, and we know he is doing great work for Blue Knot back home in Australia.” Mr Thacker-Rhodes added.


Mr Rider has similarly shared his excitement, with high hopes to continue fundraising efforts in 2022. 


“I am thrilled to be back in Australia as part of the team at Blue Knot. After years of travelling the world, doing extreme events to raise awareness and sharing my story, it is an unbelievable feeling to be back in Australia, working closely with the Blue Knot Foundation and the incredible work that they are committed to.” 


“It’s a great feeling knowing that, no matter where I am in the world, I can share the important message that there is hope and help. That you can heal from trauma. I can’t wait to participate in more events in 2022 to strengthen these messages and contribute positively to the community.” 


More information about Blue Knot is available here

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