KindyNow’s next generation marketing platform drives stronger revenue outcomes for ECEC services
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KindyNow’s next generation marketing platform drives stronger revenue outcomes for ECEC services

by Jason Roberts

December 07, 2021

Pioneering casual booking App KindyNow has launched a new marketing platform that enables childcare providers to run powerful automated marketing campaigns specifically targeted at enrolled families with the aim of maximising bookings, occupancy and revenue.


The platform, which is separate to (but connected with) the existing KindyNow App, has seen strong interest from providers looking to engage more effectively with their families via a suite of next generation marketing tools which leverage KindyNow’s track record, credibility and digital expertise.  


Having been involved in the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector for a number of years, the KindyNow team have been ‘humbled and energised’ by the response to the new marketing platform. 


“We have been humbled and energised by the response to the new KindyNow marketing platform,” Sean Moynihan, General Manager said. 


“Having been involved in the child care sector for many years we are in a strong position to extend our service offer into the marketing space and support our customers to maximise opportunities to drive additional revenues from families already enrolled.”


“Whether it be identifying instances for families to pick up an extra day, seeing opportunities to convert casual bookings to permanent bookings or encouraging families to leave valuable feedback in the form of Google reviews, we are committed to identifying and converting every single opportunity to help a centre meet its revenue objectives,” he added.


New marketing platform has complete suite of tools to drive best in class outcomes


The KindyNow marketing platform consists of a suite of tools that enables users to create, distribute and track either pre-built or customised marketing campaigns in an easy and intuitive manner. 


“We know how time poor childcare owners and managers are so we have designed our platform to essentially be a one stop shop marketing destination that contains everything needed to support users in this important area,” Mr Moynihan explained. 



Included in the platform are targeting and communication tools designed to leverage the power of all of the marketing channels available in today’s digital landscape such as SMS, email, push notifications and social media to deliver messages more comprehensively to families. 


“We are very proud of the range of campaign distribution channels we have built into the platform. SMS is really the primary communication tool preferred by families at the moment and it is at the heart of our platform.”


Prebuilt and custom campaigns available provide choice for platform users


Based on their years of experience in the ECEC sector, the team at KindyNow have a strong grasp of the most important and value add campaigns owners should be running to maximise their occupancy and revenues. 


These include:


  • Vacancy alerts campaigns – Regular, automated push notifications to enrolled families when a vacancy is available, allowing providers to instantly resell bookings


  • Casual to permanent booking campaigns – SMS and email messaging to encourage casual to permanent booking transitions for qualifying families


  • Google review campaigns – Targeted campaigns designed to encourage families to leave reviews and in turn create positive reputational profiles online


“Our prebuilt campaigns have proved very popular since we launched as they are quick to activate and generate predictable results,” Mr Moynihan noted. 


“However, we also offer a complete customised campaign service which involves a scoping session with our campaign consultants who will then design the campaign on our customers behalf after which it is launched via the platform and tracked accordingly.”


Ultimately, he continued, the marketing platform is all about results, and the KindyNow team feels strongly that what they have created achieves tangible outcomes for the ECEC community on a level not previously experienced. 


“It’s an exciting time for us and we look forward very much to delivering in the months and years ahead,” Mr Moynihan said in closing. 


To find out more about KindyNow’s new marketing platform please click here

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