One Tree Community Services offers staff additional paid leave to give more flexibility

One Tree Community Services offers staff additional paid leave to give more flexibility

by Freya Lucas

November 23, 2021

One Tree Community Services has introduced additional paid leave for long-standing on top of their six weeks’ paid leave per year. Known as On The Bus Days, the additional leave has been created to give staff, especially educators, more flexibility during business hours.


“Life doesn’t always go to plan or run on a schedule,” a spokesperson for One Tree said. 


“On The Bus Days give One Tree people more flexibility during their year. From appointments to spending quality time with loved ones or just taking a day to relax, these additional paid leave days can be a pressure relief for people with busy lives.”


Claire McManus, Executive Director of Services, uses her On The Bus Days to have more time with her family, and has taken them to spend time with her two boys, attend sports carnivals, volunteer for excursions or simply taking them out for the day during the school holidays. 


Senior Trainer and Assessor Danielle Baker, a single parent, values the additional leave which allows her to recharge with “me time” and also for spending time with her child. 


“This time is precious for me and my daughter,” she said. “The support allows me to take the time to spend with her.”


“Every day we see our people turn challenges into possibilities with communities, families and children. When we have the right people on the bus, our impact is even larger,” One Tree CEO Karri Hillier said


“Giving our employees extra paid days off allows them the time to reflect, recharge and connect. It supports them to keep doing what they do best. Educators across the sector work exceptionally hard. We want to encourage work-life balance as best we can.”


More information about One Tree is available here