KU Wahroonga connects with community through Fence of Friendship during lockdown
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KU Wahroonga connects with community through Fence of Friendship during lockdown

by Freya Lucas

October 06, 2021

The children and educators at KU Wahroonga Preschool, located in Sydney, New South Wales have supported their local community, and children who would usually be at preschool but who are unable to attend because of lockdown, with a number of colourful displays to cheer up those who are walking by the preschool during the extended Sydney lockdowns. 


The displays and programs, a preschool spokesperson said, were designed to offer the neighbouring community a perspective and a sense of belonging to the preschool environment and its program of learning. 


“To support a sense of connection, gratitude and friendship in our local area, we have engaged the children at preschool and at home in making a ‘Fence of Friendship’ and growing a Spoonville community of our own,” Melissa Puckeridge, Director, KU Wahroonga Preschool added.

“This provides a window on our sense of purpose, community engagement and our connection to the local area. We hope that the Fence of Friendship and our Spoonville People become the face of KU Wahroonga and bring a smile and a sense of hope and connection to our community.”


For children learning from preschool and children learning from home, working together to create something of beauty and interest for the neighbourhood supports a sense of connection and belonging to delight and inspire. 


“We have been overwhelmed with the response from the community and we wish to thank them for their thoughtful, encouraging and positive messages of hope and thanks.” 

Some comments from the community include:


“These paintings are beautiful and full of colour. I love walking past and reading all the messages.”


“Thank you so much for all the children’s paintings, they are so inspiring. Can I take a picture to show my work colleagues?”


“These paintings are gorgeous, my daughter enjoys going out for a walk just to look at the paintings. Thank you!”


“These paintings are beautiful. Thank you, they brighten up our day.”


“Gorgeous art. Picasso in the making!”


“Thank you. Just a little bit of colour and kindness, it brightens up my day.”


“To all the children and their teachers. Thank you for the wonderful drawings and spoons you have created, giving so much pleasure to all the community during this time. It is wonderful to smile and be cared for.”


“These opportunities are a silver lining to an otherwise challenging year and we are grateful to be a part of this community and to develop our sense of belonging,” Ms Puckeridge said in closing.


For more information about KU Wahroonga, please see here

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