MTA has shared their top craft selections, because right now, we need a little Christmas
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MTA has shared their top craft selections, because right now, we need a little Christmas

by Freya Lucas

September 14, 2021

With the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past 18 months, so many early childhood education and care (ECEC) services and families are looking forward to spreading a little Christmas cheer. 


The team from MTA knows just how important it is to not only keep children in consistent routines, but also to capture and encourage moments of joy around celebrations, and for many children, celebrations don’t get much bigger than Christmas. 


To support services to get organised with plenty of time for creativity, magic and fun as we enter the busy festive season, The Sector is pleased to work with MTA and help them to share their top picks for Christmas 2021. 


MTA bring you their brand-new 2021 Christmas Craft range in this virtual video tour which showcases some of their key new resources as well as all-time Christmas craft favourites.


The items below have been shared from the special Christmas catalogue, which is conveniently sectioned into categories such as Collage, Wood and Paper Craft, Porcelain and Ceramics, Fabric Craft, and a dedicated section which showcases products new to the MTA range


First up, and perfect for a gifting keepsake, are these Christmas Wooden Ornaments, which come in a pack of 30, along with a range of embellishments such as biodegradable glitter, sequins, rhinestones and glue, along with eye catching silver yarn, which can be used to hang each ornament on a Christmas tree or for display. 

The decorations, which can also be used as gift tags, are made from MTA, and come plain, ready for children to add their own creative and unique touch. 


Another thoughtful gift option are these Christmas Tree Frames which come ready to be decorated with paint, paper, embellishments and more. There is a space for educators to work with children and add a personalised photo. 

Construction is simple and easy, with the tree shape being made to slot into the base before painting and decorating. 

Closing out the gifting category, this pack of 20 Snow Globes are sure to become a treasured part of Christmas for families for years to come. 


Children can insert a photograph or special drawing into the middle slot of the snow globe, before filling with water. Simply shake the globe and watch the glitter fall. A stopper is included to contain the water and glitter. 


Each snow globe contains two blank card inserts, glitter and a stopper, as well as the globe itself. 

For those services who need a more open ended approach, the Christmas Collage Pack, which includes felt, pom poms, feathers, buttons, yarn, pipe cleaners, patty pans and sequins in traditional festive colours such as red and green, is a perfect choice. 

The kit is ideal for encouraging children to be creative and practice skills of design and planning, enhancing their learning through fun, creativity and self-expression.


Finally, celebrating Christmas is all about sparkle, and for those crafts which need a little extra pizazz, while still respecting Australia’s precious waterways and wildlife, this set of eight Bio-Glitter colours are made from ethically sourced plant cellulose. 

Certified compostable and biodegradable, this glitter will achieve 75 per cent degradation after only 45 days in standard composting conditions and is suitable for use on paper, cardboard, wood, plastic and fabric.


Check out MTA’s full Christmas Craft range and shop their 2021 flip Catalogue here.


MTA’s team of specialists are available to support services with tailor made solutions to meet their needs, for Christmas and beyond. To connect with your local consultant, reach out to MTA by phone on 1800 251 497 or email [email protected]   

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