New hands free entry system from T-Scan set to revolutionise ECEC centre security
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New hands free entry system from T-Scan set to revolutionise ECEC centre security

by Jason Roberts

August 17, 2021

A new hands free, entirely contactless entry and exit system built specifically for the needs of the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector has been launched by next generation security technology company T-Scan


The system, known as The Guardian, uses the latest recognition technologies to facilitate easy, secure and importantly contactless access to an ECEC centre in a way that traditional pin pad based systems never could. 


“We are incredibly excited about launching our new system across Australia’s ECEC sector particularly at this time when COVID-19 has forced centres to think very carefully about ways they can minimise infection transmission whilst still maintaining security and efficiency,” Chris Coppin, CEO of T-Scan said. 


“There is no doubt that The Guardian does exactly that. All a parent has to do now is look into an iPad sized device, even if they are wearing a mask, to gain entry to the service. No need for pin pads, no need for pin codes  and no need for pin resets and reminders.”


“It’s a super simple system that, judging by our existing customers’ responses, is likely to be a game changer.”


The Guardian does more than just facilitate easy service entry 


As well as facilitating the effortless entry into the ECEC service for authorised parents or guardians and supporting a healthier COVID-19 related environment there are also a range of secondary benefits that accrue to the users of The Guardian system. 


  • Record keeping – The system maintains a log of all visitors into the centre which can be useful for review purposes, particularly should there be an incident on site and further investigation into who was at the centres is required.


  • Entry control – The system will only permit authorised individuals to enter a service.  Under circumstances where certain individuals are not permitted to enter The Guardian will not grant access, reducing the risk of unauthorised entry that may occur with a pin pad. 



  • No more drop off and pick up congestion – Because there is no pin pad that needs to be pressed to gain access, the flow of visitors into the centre is far smoother than it would normally be, particularly at high traffic periods like drop off and pick up. 


  • Pin code admin finished – The time spent informing families, or reminding families of the pin codes can now be used for something else with the added bonus of not having to change the pin code periodically with all of the logistical problems that can entail. 


“It’s amazing to think that by simply placing an iPad-sized device mounted close to the front door at adult height that is then connected to the door locking system can have so many benefits,” Mr Coppin said. 


“That is essentially what The Guardian is. All we have to do is set up the monitor, upload the identities, configure the back end and the system does the rest.”


ECEC community embracing new system, pin code set ups now second best


Since soft launching in May 2021 interest in The Guardian has been strong, with their national installation team working with centres in every state and territory to install the new system and train and onboard the team. 


“We have been thrilled by the early response rates to our new system,” Mr Coppin said. 


“The feedback we’ve had from our centre operators is that they love the security enhancements and the easy operation for parents, as well as the visual statement that the centre is responding to today’s health and safety climate.”


“We designed this product because pin code entry systems can be compromised, are hard to update when there’s an emergency such as a family court order, and they increase the risk of virus transmission as every staff member and parent touches the keypad.”


“To be able to solve these real problems so visibly and see our current customers respond so positively is very humbling and bodes well for our future plans to support the ECEC community.”


To learn more about The Guardian and how it could make a difference at your service click here


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