1Place Childcare launches free digital A&R self assessment tool to support ongoing quality improvement
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1Place Childcare launches free digital A&R self assessment tool to support ongoing quality improvement

by Jason Roberts

August 10, 2021

1Place Childcare, the early childhood education and care (ECEC) compliance and best practice software specialist, has launched a new free self assessment tool based on ACECQA’s National Quality Standard Assessment and Rating Instrument, the definitive guide used by authorised officers during their assessment and rating (A&R) visits. 


The new tool, which is fully digitised, is part of a broader strategy by 1Place Childcare to provide tools for their users to move beyond just a compliance mindset towards one which is more proactive with a best practice focus.


“Our primary focus as a specialist solution provider to the ECEC sector is to help our user community standardise success when it comes to not just compliance management but quality management too,” said Martin Bing, 1Place Childcare Founder and CEO. 


“This new free digital self assessment tool is entirely consistent with that vision in that it empowers users to be the very best that they can be from a quality perspective and in turn help their centre flourish.” 


Digitised tool provides greater flexibility than standard PDF documents


1Place’s A&R fully digitised self assessment tool stands out from a standard PDF type tool as it enables users to effectively see in real time the live data that they are inputting into the form, which in turn enables them to:


  1. Automatically score their answers within the form
  2. Easily add photos to the assessment and accompanying documents
  3. Report on outcomes with weightings and comparisons to previous checks


“An important aspect of our self assessment tool is the fact that it is fully digital, so that real time insights as to quality outcomes are instantly provided,” Mr Bing said. In addition, the fact that users can easily see how and where they have improved over time is also “a very useful insight for practitioners.”


“With the help of our partners Childcare Centre Desktop, who have provided a comprehensive range of complementary checklists to support the self assessment tool, we are very confident in the quality and utility of this important initiative.” 


1Place Childcare continues to build on compliance expertise as it broadens offer to ECEC 


By standardising compliance processes across child care settings using cloud based solutions 1Place aims to create the foundations for services to go above and beyond to make best practice the new benchmark within the organisation. 


“Our core 1Place Childcare product is designed around four key actions namely; Define, Measure, Act and Monitor which act as the backbone for providers seeking to manage their compliance obligations in their service,” Mr Bing explained. 



“As we look to transition the 1Place experience towards best practice and quality management, these core principles act as an excellent framework for any new feature or product launches to rely on.”


“Going forward we are excited to do our bit to support the ECEC sector.”


To learn more about 1Place Childcare click here and to explore the self assessment tool in more detail click here.

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