Lindy Farrant honoured with the creation of a memorial garden at PECC
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Lindy Farrant honoured with the creation of a memorial garden at PECC

by Freya Lucas

July 15, 2021

A memorial garden honouring former Director of the Parkes Early Childhood Centre (PECC), Lindy Farrant was unveiled last Sunday, with her husband, Bill Jayet opening the space and paying tribute to his late wife, who he described as “a crucial cog in moulding the childcare centre into what it is today.”


Lindy, along with Parkes Shire Mayor Ken Keith and fellow PECC patron Rosemary Morris, worked for many years, probably a decade, before successfully securing state and federal funding for the service, Mr Jayet told the crowd. 


“As a family we miss Lindy so much. Not a day passes that she is not in our thoughts,” he added.


The original preschool space, constructed in 1954 from donated bricks, mortar and voluntary labour, was transformed into its present state with Lindy’s careful guidance, and the creation of the garden formed an important part of the history of the service. 


It was a case of “from little things, big things grow,” Mr Jayet explained to local publication Parkes Champion Post.


“Shortly after Lindy’s death, her mum Lola said to me that she wanted to donate a tree with a small plaque to PECC in memory of her beloved daughter.


“Through consultation with Colette (PECC director), this idea grew and today we unveil what I see as a somewhat quirky, but fabulous, tribute to Miss Lindy.”


Local artists Elsie Mahon, Pol Cruz and Deb Jones were asked to design and produce the artefacts for the garden, which is described as a space of “colour, native plants, love, memory, quirky handmade artefacts and most of all, joy”.


Mr Jayet thanked all those involved in the project, saying he “could not be more pleased with what the trio had accomplished”.


PECC’s current director Collette Genet-Marks echoed his sentiments saying:t “Lindy adored enchanting natural landscapes and artistic and colourful spaces, and this garden is a melding of all these elements, with a child-like sense of fun. 


“Although Lindy cannot personally experience this garden, I truly believe in spirit Lindy will always be amongst us, continuing to support, guide, treasure and celebrate all that we are and all that we do,” she added.


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