Woolworths at Work partners with Mayfield Childcare to transform food quality, procurement and delivery
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Woolworths at Work partners with Mayfield Childcare to transform food quality, procurement and delivery

by Jason Roberts

June 07, 2021

Woolworths at Work, a new smart procurement platform dedicated to serving multi-site organisations, has partnered with Mayfield Childcare to support the Victorian based early childhood education and care (ECEC) provider to optimise and streamline all aspects of their food quality, delivery, support and administrative processes.


“We’ve launched Woolworths at Work because we want to partner with Australian organisations” Jarad Nass, Woolworths at Work General Manager said, explaining the platform is “an extension of our existing online grocery business, Woolworths at Work is a business dedicated to delivering healthier food, essential products, easy purchasing and operational effectiveness to organisations right across Australia.” 


At the heart of the Woolworths at Work offer is a smart procurement platform that can be tailored for the ECEC workplace, combined with best in class customer support.


Woolworths at Work were quick to see pain points and offer solutions to improve


Working with the Mayfield Childcare team, Woolworths at Work were able to quickly pinpoint existing pain points in their food supply chain such as challenges with food quality and delivery time, as well as difficulties around finding the right support and managing multiple invoices in any given month. 


“Woolworths at Work were quick to understand our organisational needs in this important area and help us craft a solution that would drive benefits for the Group,” Ellen Porter, State Operations Manager at Mayfield said.


“From an onboarding perspective we had an amazing experience, it was very smooth and I did not find the need to be constantly involved. Between 20 centre managers and 4 area managers, everyone was pleasantly surprised to see that things happened the way they were told they would.” 


Better food quality, reduced admin time and productivity boosts were key benefits


The implementation of the Woolworths at Work smart procurement platform yielded a range of key benefits to Mayfield including:


  • Reduced administrative time due to consolidated monthly invoicing for all services across the network meaning one invoice per month for the entire organisation


  • Cost predictability and consistency that helps with planning and also gives confidence that pricing is value driven 


  • Increased team productivity due to more efficient delivery windows across any given day to best fit into a services schedule and routine and dedicated customer support


  • Better food quality and a range of types to cater for the specific needs of a service and also importantly to meet Healthy Eating Advisory Service (HEAS) requirements


“We have had an overwhelmingly positive experience with Woolworths at Work,” Ms Porter said, “I cannot speak more highly of the process we went through. Our teams are happier and more productive and our children are getting even better quality foods day in day out.”


To learn more about Woolworths at Work and how they can support your Early Learning Centre with groceries and everyday essentials click here


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