Managing work and study pays off for G8's Hannah Jordan
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Managing work and study pays off for G8’s Hannah Jordan

by Freya Lucas

April 14, 2021

Starting each Saturday at 5am and continuing study until the evening is just one of the many sacrifices which have paid off for G8 Education Diploma Trainee of the Year, Hannah Jordan.


While she comes from a long line of educators, and never doubted that she would follow family tradition, Hannah’s path to her current role, as Lead Educator in the Nursery room, while she completes more study toward her Bachelor of Early Childhood. 


Ms Jordan has benefited from financial and practical support from G8 as she undertakes her study as part of the scholarship program offered by the provider. 


The decision to power on with a teaching degree picks up where Hannah left off a decade ago when she deferred her studies “for a year”, preferring to gain the entry level Certificate III enabling her to begin working in the sector immediately.


Once she attained her Certificate III, she flew to the UK where she enjoyed a successful career with children, before returning to Australia and joining G8 Education at a centre in Caboolture where she began studying for her Diploma. 


As well as having her course fees covered by G8, she received mentoring and time out to study. 


“It is hard to manage work and study,” she admits. “You have to time manage yourself and accept that it is going to take you away from doing other things. But it is what mattered most to me so I made it happen.”


“It’s not a race but I have set a goal to be a qualified teacher by the time I am 30. I am still on track – just.”


As Hannah completed her Diploma, she was transferred to The Learning Sanctuary Mary Street where she was made a Lead Educator.


The position presented new challenges that came ‘a little easier’ to her with the benefit of extra years and life experience.


“For me it is very important to build relationships with the families as well as the children,” she said. “If you build that trust and respect, they are going to be happy to bring their children into the environment.”


While Hannah’s devotion to her career and the children in her care is what drives her, she is well aware that with more qualifications her income tracks upward in line with her career progression.


“It’s great to see that the pay for early childhood teachers (ECTs) is beginning to reach parity with primary school teachers,” she said. “Doing what you love is important but if you can have that and afford a lifestyle out of work, that is helpful.”


Speaking about the importance of recognition, CEO Gary Carroll said initiatives like the Trainee of the Year awards are important steps to supporting the 10,000 strong G8 workforce to “grab every opportunity to upskill”.


G8’s Study Pathways Program, which supports our team members to earn and learn, is helping many hundreds gain further qualifications,” Mr Carroll said.


In 2021, the company has set a goal of offering 1000 traineeships across 475 early childhood education and care centres, half of which will be offered to existing team members.


“The Trainee of the Year Awards help to reinforce the many career pathways that are open to those who work in the sector and that study does come with reward and recognition,” he said in closing. 

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