Being Pymble receives Exceeding in first A&R, cites Sprout Quality Management system as key differentiator
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Being Pymble receives Exceeding in first A&R, cites Sprout Quality Management system as key differentiator

by Jason Roberts

April 13, 2021

Being Pymble, a long day care service located in Sydney’s North Shore, recently received an Exceeding rating at its first Assessment and Rating, and has confirmed that as well as the strong leadership and educator base in the service, its commitment to the Sprout Quality Management system really made the difference. 


“After being open for just nine months and then hitting the COVID-19 pandemic we were a little apprehensive about Pymble’s first Assessment and Rating but with our extraordinary team and Sprout we knew that we had the foundations to achieve Exceeding and thankfully the assessor agreed,” Melanie Randeniya, part owner of the Being Group and Centre Leader at Being Pymble said. 


Being Pymble which opened in 2019, is one of five centres in the Being Group and consistent with their philosophy, moved quickly to embed a culture of positive leadership and a willingness to explore opportunities to harness innovation that helps support quality provision and children’s wellbeing.


“I think an important component of our success is our willingness to try new things, particularly in the technology space,” Ms Randeniya said. “Sprout is a really good example of that and because we have it running across all of our services we are able to benefit from a significant pool of learnings and experience that help us maximise quality outcomes on a service level.”


“The assessor at Pymble was really impressed with how we had embedded the Sprout system and there is no doubt in my mind that it was an important part of why we got an Exceeding rating.”


Sprout quality management system gave Being Pymble an edge at R&A


Sprout, Australia’s first ‘one stop’ solution for early learning and child care compliance, focuses on ensuring services stay on top of compliance management needs, freeing up space for leaders and educators to focus on delivering the very best educational experiences for children. 


Through an intuitive and easy to use app, team members can create, amend and manage hazard and risk assessments on a real time basis, record and report on incidents, as well as fulfil daily checklist responsibilities with all reminders, concerns and opportunities captured by a specially designed algorithm and then presented in Sprout’s proprietary in-app news feed called ‘Today’ for leaders and educators to action. 


“The thing that attracted us most to Sprout was that it was so easy to use and basically meant we didn’t need to keep paper records or spreadsheets anymore, we have a central archive for all documents and due to a more recent new feature launch, we can also support families to enrol children in our services too,” Ms Randeniya explained.


“I understand that the creators of Sprout have a lot of experience in child care service management and that really shows up in the app itself. It just all makes sense.”


An intuitive approach to compliance which also supports staffing, collaboration & governance


As well as supporting educators to manage traditional compliance needs, such as noting down the need to check electrical appliances or items in the service needing repair, Ms Randeniya explained the value the Sprout system plays in supporting her to excel in other areas like Quality Area 4, Quality Area 6 and Quality Area 7.  


“The real value of Sprout is that it does its core job of managing compliance really well, but also helps in other important parts of service management,” Ms Randeniya said.


By encouraging the team to take a hands on and collaborative approach to compliance, and empowering each team member to play a real role in ensuring everything in the service remains at Exceeding standard, compliance becomes a “whole team” focus, rather than being the domain of the centre manager exclusively.”  


“Sprout has been very useful in the governance space too.” she continued. 


“Achieving exceeding in QA7 was not a coincidence. We were able to demonstrate that our service was willing to go one step further to introduce a system that more efficiently manages risk which is exactly what Sprout does.”


“I would definitely recommend Sprout to owners and their service leaders who are wanting to shake up the way compliance is managed in their team, and free up time to focus on children, families and relationships.” 


For more information about Sprout, please see here. The Sprout app is available for download in the App Store, or on Google Play

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