Start up KindiCare set to revolutionise childcare search and CRM
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Start up KindiCare set to revolutionise childcare search and CRM

by Jason Roberts

April 12, 2021

KindiCare, a new entrant into the early childhood education and care (ECEC) software space, is set to revolutionise the child care search experience for families, and customer relationship management (CRM) processes for operators with the launch of a next generation mobile first search platform and marketplace combined with a fully integrated CRM system. 


Benjamin Balk, Founder and CEO of Kindicare said, “We are thrilled to be able to finally go-live with KindiCare. It is a solution that has been many years in the making and we feel strongly will push the boundaries of what is currently available in both the child care search and CRM spaces.”


“At the end of the day the two most important stakeholders on the childcare selection journey are the parents and the operators, so it makes sense to create a system that effectively brings them that bit closer together.” 


KindiCare CRM and KindiCare App combine to add value to parents and operators


The new platform brings together a brand new parent facing childcare ‘search and compare’ platform with built in enquiry and application capabilities with a CRM system that links seamlessly into the search platform creating a direct connection between the operator and enquiring families while also simplifying the processes of lead management from initial advertising all the way to enrolment.


By combining the search and CRM systems into one fully integrated platform Mr Balk said “operators can now, for the first time, have complete visibility and control over all search generated leads as well as have 100 per cent confidence of their ability to nurture them to enrolment via our fully integrated and feature rich CRM, Kindicare CRM.”


A mobile first search platform combines design excellence with new Rating system


In order to provide today’s parents with maximum utility, usability and familiarity the KindiCare team elected to build their search platform purely for mobile devices. 


“Our decision to go mobile first wasn’t a particularly difficult one. We know that today’s parents do the vast majority of their research via their phones, and they are used to the sophisticated and user friendly search experience they have with careers, cars and property, so it made sense for us to create a product that fits into those now well embedded usage patterns,” Mr Balk said.


The app user experience has been customised with parents at the centre of the design and as well as containing a complete feature set, also includes a new proprietary centre rating system never before seen in ECEC.


“Our KindiCare Ratings are a really important part of our search offer.” 


“We know that parents have access to a range of different key indicators like NQS rating, fees and reviews and that they all play an important role in the selection process but as yet, nobody has created a single, consolidated rating that captured and weighted the variables into one universally comparable number that’s easy for any parent or guardian to understand.”


KindiCare CRM, a new way to get the most out of search generated leads


KindiCare’s built in CRM system provides operators with an unrivalled level of visibility and control over all leads and applications generated from their search listings on the marketplace and is the ECEC sector’s only demand generation driven CRM system. 


“Unlike some lead generation services available in the market, KindiCare offers direct customer to centre engagement. This means there is no middle man,” Mr Balk said.


“We cannot stress how important it is for operators to have complete visibility and control of not just the leads being generated by their listings but also the listings themselves.” Mr Balk said. 


“Our system caters to both of these key needs through our KindiCare CRM dashboard and My Centres feature. Now a centre can see exactly where leads are coming from and move quickly to engage parents that are responding to a particular listing in real time, then adjust those listings that may not be seeing the levels of engagement they require.”


“It’s honestly a game changer.”


To learn more about KindiCare or download the Kindicare App please click here. To claim your centre’s listing and get started on Kindicare click here

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