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Xap continues its journey towards best in class ‘all in one’ CCS management platform

by Jason Roberts

March 16, 2021

After launching the latest version of their Xap ‘all in one’ childcare management software platform in August 2020, the Xap Technologies team has continued its journey towards being the best in class solution for the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector. 


Ruchir Parekh, Founder of Xap said “The last six months have been incredibly busy and exciting for all of us at the Xap team. We have not only managed to bring to market an incredibly innovative and intuitive ‘all in one’ CCS platform, we have also assembled an all star team with extensive experience and a deep commitment that will drive positive outcomes for all of our current and future customers.”


“We are both proud and humbled of the support we have received thus far and are committed to delivering on our roadmap of extensive new features in the months and years ahead.”


Xap brings more than just CCS processing to latest “all in one” platform


The new Xap platform is built on next generation technology with a specific focus on the user experience that makes it easier and more intuitive to use than ever before. 


“It is essential that our platform is not just easy to use,” Mr Parekh said, “it must also be able to make life easier for all of our users on the ground. What we have now achieves both of those objectives and is a result of many months of customer consultations and in house development work.”


Some of the key differentiating features of the Xap ‘all in one’ platform are:


  • Comprehensive CCS processing platform eliminating any need for separate Provider Entry Points to manage processes like ACCS 


  • Simple yet effective automations to improve efficiency around family communications, documentation expiry tracking and statement creation


  • Easy to use business intelligence and analytics dashboard using advanced filters to refine data needs on screen or from report 


  • Integrated advanced waitlist and CRM tool to enable lead management and nurturing of parents inquiries within the existing Xap ecosystem 


In addition, Xap has also signaled a preparedness to open their platform via integration with other best in class third party software solutions through its advanced API’s as well as fully supported integrations such as the recently announced partnership with Storypark.


“We feel strongly that our platform should not only be able to stand on its own two feet in all circumstances, but also that it be open for customers to plug in any of their preferred software solutions if they want. The customer is our priority and we have built our platform with that central to everything.” Mr Parekh said. 


New all star team with nearly 50 years of CCMS experience drives Xap performance


To underwrite the current and future performance of the new platform Mr Parekh has assembled a team of professionals with around 50 years of combined experience in the CCS management system space. 


Sean Murphy, the platform’s new CEO, joined in October and brings 16 years of experience to the Group having previously been a senior leader at QikKids.


Mr Murphy has been joined by Paul Durand as program manager and Dee Weiler as head trainer, both of whom are CCS system specialists with combined experience of over 30 years in the sector. 


“It is great to be a part of such a passionate group of people, focused on delivering real benefits to the ECEC sector, for both childcare services and parents, through innovation and customer service,” Mr Murphy said. 


“Customers are looking for choice in their software and are really excited about what Xap can offer.”


Future looks bright for Xap as it builds on development and customer momentum


Looking ahead the new Xap team remains committed to working with their customers from across the ECEC sector to support their system needs and ultimately help drive better business and educational outcomes for all stakeholders involved. 


“We are very much committed to the ECEC sector in Australia,” Mr Parekh said. “There is so much opportunity to add value and really make a difference to not just the children and families that our customers serve, but also our customers and their teams too.”


Innovation and development will remain a key component of their business activities as they seek to maintain their lead in technological capability that the current platform represents. 


Commenting on the key focuses going forward Mr Parekh said “Business intelligence, predictive technologies and automation are the future for software platforms and we at Xap are working hard to keep abreast of these developments and ensure that they are effectively captured in our platform so as to make operating an early learning service easier and more productive.”

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